Types of Goldfish – A Fascinating Variety of Fun Goldfish

To many of us goldfish mean only one thing. They are the common goldfish, with their golden orange scales lazily swimming around in the aquarium or pond. The fascinating truth is there are many types of goldfish, some which leave you wondering why it is called a goldfish at all.

How many different types of goldfish can you find? There are around 18 different varieties in the goldfish family. Some of these fish carry highly unusual appearances. Here are some of the more exciting members of the goldfish family.

The Bubble Eye Goldfish, or the Celestial Eye Goldfish are a variety which fascinates most people. These goldfish look like they have lost their minds. Their eyes are bulging out, turned upwards, and have a large fluid filled sac underneath them. Their unique appearance will have everyone wondering what is wrong with your fish.

One of the types of goldfish which will leave you wondering why it is called a goldfish is the Pompom. The pompom is blackish grey in color with a sprinkling of silver scales. Their soft, large, fluttering tails and fins will delight you.

The Ryukin is a very popular goldfish. With their beautiful wide tails, and elaborate fins they are beautiful to watch in your tanks or ponds. They are a very hardy fish able to tolerate many environments. This fish can be the traditional bright golden orange of a goldfish, but is also found in deep reds, red-white, white, and even in calico coloration.

For another odd looking goldfish, you need to take a look a the Telescope Eye. The eye protrudes from their head in almost a telescope like appearance. The Telescope Eye has beautiful flowing tail and fin plumage. This is one of the most colorful of all goldfish with colors including red, red-white, black-white, chocolate brown, blue, lavender, black, and many other combinations.

One of the most interesting types of goldfish is the Veiltail. The name Veiltail describes the fish very aptly. Their tale and fins hang down in the appearance of a bridal veil. They are very translucent and soft appearing. This is a very beautiful fish to add to any aquarium.

The Shubunkin is a unique looking goldfish. In body and fin-appearance it look almost identical to the common goldfish. Where it deviates greatly is in body coloration. The Shubunkin has a whitish matte appearing set of scales with unique coloration of blue, purple, black, red,and brown showing up from underneath. The fish are very colorful and make a great addition to other goldfish in your pond or tank.

Most types of goldfish can be intermixed within your ponds and tanks with no problems. Some varieties can be crossbred, but normally this ends up with a very opposite reaction to what you would expect. Instead of getting a new unique looking fish, quite often the differences in DNA get cancelled out, and you come up with a more common appearing goldfish.

The real fun in raising goldfish and having an entertaining display is to use many types of goldfish. It adds color, interest, and fun to your home.

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