Tropical Fish Species – Getting Great Freshwater Species For Your Home

Those big aquariums look great in our homes and offices adding beauty, interest, and a calming piece of nature. The easiest to care for aquariums are freshwater. Choosing great freshwater tropical fish species will help make your aquarium a real conversation piece.

One of the keys to having a great looking aquarium is having a variety of color, body shapes, and levels of activity in your tropical fish species. Nothing is much more boring than an aquarium with fish just floating in place, all looking the same, staring off into space.

One of the tropical fish species you should consider is the Labyrinths. These include fish like the Betta, Dwarf Gourami, Pearl Gourami, and Paradise Fish. Most of these fish live well in community tanks, males tend to be a bit more aggressive. This family of fish can give you variety in color and body style. The Betta is best known for their gently flowing fins and tails which do not work well with more aggressive fish.

Another of the families of tropical fish species is the Characins. These include fun aquarium fish like the Dwarf Pencilfish, Neon Tetra, and Silver Dollar. The Silver Dollar is one of the most brilliant silverfish you will ever find. It flashes through the water and can grow to almost 6” in length. The neon tetra is a much smaller fish only reaching 2” long and can be in danger to larger fish mates. The Dwarf Pencilfish is another small fish which should not be kept with much larger fish. This group of fish comes mainly from areas surrounding South America.

Cichlids are another very popular family of tropical fish. Especially check into the family of Dwarf Cichlids as they normally stay smaller and make great tank mates with other smaller fish. These include fish like the Cockatoo Cichlid, Ram Cichlid, or the Panda Dwarf Cichlid. These fish average around 3” long and are brightly colored. In general, they are a very non-aggressive fish which make good community fish.

List of Tropical Fish – The Best Tropical Fish For The New Owner

One of the keys to choosing your different tropical fish species is to make sure they match each other in water temperature needs, disposition, and hopefully in the mixtures of food. You do not want to get caught needing to feed multiple kinds of food to a single aquarium as this can easily lead to overfeeding and poor water quality issues.

When you are trying to mix a variety of tropical fish species you must either choose to house non-aggressive fish in your tank, or go completely the other direction and make all the fish aggressive in nature. If you choose to go aggressive, make sure you try to match fish sizes as closely as possible. You may still experience problems, but most common fish of similar sizes have less tendency to attack each other.

Get busy filling up your tank with a great mixture of tropical fish species to make a beautiful display in your home. It will be fun and exciting to watch all the action as the species interact and thrive together.

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