Tropical Fish Mollies – A Great Family of Fish For Every Aquarium

Tropical fish mollies are another of the great families of tropical fish which are easy for new owners and easy on the wallet. Being easy on the wallet does not mean being boring.

The Molly family of tropical fish has great variety with over 30 separate species within the family. There are a few very common varieties of tropical fish mollies you may want to explore for adding to your aquarium.

Silver Molly – This is the sparkling jewel of the molly family. With a bright silver suit of scales and a long dorsal fin with just a touch of blue at the base, this Molly is very easy to spot in your tank. With a maximum length of 3,” they work well in small to medium-sized tanks starting off with sizes around 10 gallons.

Cremecicle Lyretail Molly – When you are ready to liven up the tank with a shot of sunlight add the Cremecicle. These fish are a brilliant gold flash in the tank with a tall dorsal fin which normally is a deeper gray color. The Cremecicle is similar in size to the Silver Molly at 3” long.

You may think someone spilled ink on your Silver Mollies when you see the Dalmatian Molly. They look very similar to the Silver but have black spots running the entire length of their body. They make great aquarium mates with both the Silver Molly and the Cremecicle Lyretail.

The Black Molly has obviously found the source of the spilled ink and completely coated their body. With their deep black coloration, they make a great contrast to the flashing colors of the Silver and Cremecicle Mollies.

The Balloon Belly Molly will allow you to get a little different body shape into the tank while still maintaining the ease of care. Their bodies are taller, with a much more pronounced stomach. Their backs arch higher. They Balloon Belly Mollies come in a variety of colors ranging from solid black to spotted orange and white.

For another flash of silver, but with a more pronounced, taller dorsal fin, you can try the Silver Lyretail Molly. It gives you the same flashy silver look but with a deep gray fin towering over its body.

The great thing about having a tank filled with a mixture of tropical fish mollies is the ease of care. They all are around 3” in length, interact well in the tank, and share similar feeding needs. They are happy to eat a mixture of tropical fish food flakes, freeze-dried, frozen, and fresh foods. Mix in a little fresh spinach, lettuce, or even peas to give them some vegetable matter to consume and they will stay healthy and energetic.

The tropical fish mollies are live bearer fish. This means if you mix males and females you are almost certain to see tiny fry swimming around in your tank at some point in time. If you do not separate the fry and adults you can expect the mortality rate to be very high. The adults, including the parents, will eat the fry. Mollies are a great addition to any tank, and can even make a beautiful tank all by themselves.

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