Tropical Fish Guppies – Going From Empty To A Full Aquarium The Cheap Way

Tropical Fish Guppies are one of the most popular of all tropical fish. They are inexpensive, easy to care for and have one trait which makes them ideal for new owners. They are prolific reproducers.

Guppies are livebearers which makes breeding much easier than dealing with an egg-laying species. Livebearers do not lay eggs, they release live fry right into the water. Anyone who has owned guppies before can tell you your tank can go from being a few guppies to many guppies very fast.

There is one very strong warning about breeding guppies, though. When the female is plump with fry you need to move her to a separate tank or bowl. When the baby guppies are released they suddenly discover their mother and father are voracious eaters of their own young. They do not see these tiny fish as offspring, but as a delectable meal which has suddenly entered their tank.

It is usually advised to have two females to every male. The reason behind this is quite simple. Males are always courting and chasing the females. The ladies need a rest. You might even want to keep the number of males lower in comparison to females. Keep in mind, the more males, the faster guppies will be born, and you may find yourself with an overwhelming number of fry very quickly. The females take approximately 28 days between mating and releasing fry.

Tropical fish guppies are not only great for their reproductive behavior, though. The males are very colorful adding to the beauty of your tank. The females are a little larger, and a very shiny silver, and often has nice coloration in the tail.

Guppies are very easy to care for, which is one of the reasons for their tremendous popularity. They can be fed a wide variety of foods ranging from live mosquito larvae, white worms, bloodworms, and others, to freeze-dried foods, and even some flake tropical fish foods. Adult guppies can easily survive a full week without eating if they have been properly fed in the upcoming days. This makes them great for people who skip away on vacations.

The one thing most parents love about guppies is their low cost and their resistance to missed meals. Since they bought the aquarium to satisfy demanding children who promised to take care of them. Rarely do children manage to do all of the feedings on time, or even remember. With their hardiness guppies still, continue to thrive.

Tropical fish guppies should be one of the first fish you consider in your adventure into owning fish. With their resistance to disease, ease of feeding, prolific nature, and fun disposition they are a safe fish for adults and children. Even if disaster strikes you have not spent the high amounts of money found with many other more exotic tropical fish. Your children and you can learn about the care of tropical fish easily with a tank filled with guppies.

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