Tropical Fish for Beginners – Keys to Starting Off Right

Choosing the right tropical fish for beginners is the biggest key to having a successful first aquarium. Put away your dreams of exotic, rare, and odd fish and get a great variety of fun tropical fish to make a successful first tank.

There are several families of fish which are highly suited as tropical fish for beginners. The first group is the one most commonly thought of, guppies. Guppies are usually given a very bad reputation for being boring, but this is only because most people do not explore the wide diversity of the Guppy family and discover the amazing bodies and colors.

Another family of tropical fish for beginners you should consider are the Tetra. These tiny fish are hardy just like guppies and even more importantly share the same needs in water temperature, and food. The Tetra family includes a very wide variety of body types and colors.

The other family of tropical fish for beginners you should consider is the Molly. The Molly is well suited to be intermixed with the tetra and guppy. Mollies come in different body types and colors just like the Tetra and Guppy families.

With all three of these families sharing similar environmental needs it is very easy to set up a starter aquarium kit and fills it with a wide variety of different fish which live together peacefully.

One major difference in these three families is inbreeding. Both the guppies and mollies are live-bearers and will release live fry right into the water. These fries are then at the mercy of all the adults in the tank. Tetras, on the other hand, lay eggs in the tank which are fertilized by the make and hatch later. The eggs can be at risk of being eaten by other species of fish.

Since all three families of fish are very happy eating tropical food flakes, live food, freeze-dried, or even frozen, you have no major challenges in feeding. Many times it is easy to get fish in your tank with greatly varying diets making it hard to keep them all happily fed. Make sure to keep the amount of food added to the tank at a level they finish eating in about 2 to 3 minutes.

For all these species water quality is critical. Change out 15 percent of the water each week to keep it clean. Make sure to take proper care of your filtration system to keep the water as clean as possible.

By choosing fish from these 3 families you create your best chance of having a successful first aquarium. These tropical fish for beginners are among the easiest you can ever care for, and even better are very low cost. You can fill your tank with a large variety of colors, body styles, and beauty while spending a very low amount of money. This gives you more confidence in taking care of your fish. With all of the species being very hardy, your job will be easy.

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