Tough Dog Toys – Terrific Dog Toys Which Survive Their Abusive Bites

The shelves in the pet department always have so many cute toys for our dogs. We take them home and the next morning find pieces of the toy all over the floor. Our dog’s teeth are powerful, and once they set their minds to chewing something up, they normally succeed. Tough dog toys can keep them entertained, and keep your dog toy budget under control.

We love to play with our dogs, tossing toys, and having them come running back to us for more play time. We hate needing to replace these toys every couple weeks. Tough dog toys like the Hurley Zogoflex can take the punishment of months, or even years, of rough and tumble play with your dog. It is designed to take the punishment of those chewing powerful jaws and still maintain the bone-like shape.

Another great toy is the Bad Cuz Ball from JW Pet. This ball will drive your dog crazy. It is made of hard rubber making it very strong and durable. What will really drive him crazy is the little feet and horns on this devilish creature. Your dog will love trying to rip and tear at those little extras, but they can stand up to the abuse. It will be another toy you are still playing with months down the road.

We all know braided toys are great for our dog’s teeth, and are very resilient toys. The problem, most of them are boring. This look like a short piece of heavy rope. The Braidz Dog Toy from Kong is very different. It is one of their tough dog toys but just looks like fun. It appears to be a long tiger, including arms, head, and tail. Your dog will love playing with it.

Do you want a toy which will let you have a tug of war with your pet and kids all at the same time? Purple Pete the Octopus gives your five places to grab. With the four long purple legs, plus the head, everyone can engage in the fun. No matter how hard your all pull Purple Pete is going to win. He is one tough Octopus who can go to battle with your dog’s teeth and claws and survive.

Want to drive your hunting dog nuts? Get him a Hugglehounds Harvey The Bunny. It looks like a toy he will shred to pieces, but it is another of the tough dog toys from Hugglehounds. He will think he has a rabbit to bully around, but his rabbit just keeps on living.

All of these toys avoid the biggest complaint most owners have about tough dog toys. They are not boring. These toys are colorful, fun, and engaging to both your and your pet. You will get months and months of fun play fighting over the toys. Your dog will not be frustrated, he will be thrilled he finally has a toy which lasts and can be his favorite for a long time.

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