How To Choose The Best Dog Food

Do you know what to look for in your dog food? Were you under the impression all dog food was just about the same, except for the differences in the pretty packaging and the crazy differences in prices? By doing a dog food comparison you will discover some very large differences in how the foods are made.

One of the first things you must watch for when doing a dog food comparison is how much of the mixture is good quality food and how much is fillers like corn. To give you a good idea, let us take a look at a few popular brands and see how their ingredients compare:

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A very popular, and often considered higher end, dog food is Eukanuba Adult dog food. The first item listed is chicken, which is great for dogs, but then we take an immediate slide into mediocrity. The next three ingredients are chicken byproducts meal, cornmeal, and ground whole grain sorghum. The worst of the ingredients is cornmeal, which is very hard for your dog to digest.

Purina Dog Chow is one of the best-known brands of dog food on the market. Everyone has heard of it with their prolific advertising campaigns. The shocking thing is when you examine their ingredient list. The first item on the list is ground yellow corn. The next three ingredients are equally curious, poultry by-product meal, corn gluten meal, and soybean meal. The biggest problem with the chicken by-product meal is it does not indicate the amount of ground bone included. Ground bone is a useless filler for your dog.

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A less known brand can show you the vast difference found in ingredients. Bil-Jac Select’s first ingredient is fresh chicken by-products organ meat only. This is high-quality protein and nutrition for your dog. The next three ingredients are fresh chicken, corn, and chicken by-product meal. As you notice corn comes in number three putting it in a much lower concentration than the other foods.

To continue the comparison of why lesser known high-quality brands are beginning to make an impact, here are the ingredients for Flint River Ranch. The first item is a chicken meal. This is followed up with whole wheat flour, ground rice, and lamb meal. Do you notice what is missing in this dog food? It is corn. This is an easily digestible, high-quality food.

When you are doing a dog food comparison you must stop looking at the price and the advertising. You need to flip the bag around and check the ingredients. When you see the main ingredients are corn, you know it is not as high of quality as possible. Never settle for a food where corn is the number one ingredient.

Your dog food comparison should include checking how much protein your dog will receive while reducing the amount of corn. Your dog will enjoy the food and will have less digestive trouble. It is worth the small cost difference to buy quality.

Human Grade Dog Food

Dogs have the ability to take on almost human-like traits. They play, joke, get grouchy, and many other personality traits. Since they act almost human, you may want to start feeding this valuable part of your family Human Grade Dog Food.

What exactly is human grade dog food? It is dog food manufactured to higher standards, and higher quality, than your standard dog foods. This dog food meets or exceeds the requirements the FDA sets forth for the production of food for human consumption. Pet food is normally allowed to have a much higher percentage of byproducts, chemicals, and more leniency in production methods.

Think of it this way. When food for humans is manufactured, every step of the process must be running on FDA approved equipment, conveyor belts, cooking systems, and packaging machines. They have all been tested and certified to meet the highest standards. The ingredients used in the products must also meet all the high standards set forth by the FDA. Food manufacturers and packages can have a drop in inspection at any moment to check on their cleanliness, and the quality of ingredients they use.

When you buy human grade dog food it is of high enough quality you could safely feed it to every member of your family. The ingredients are of equal quality to the foods you buy in the grocery store for yourself and your children. The processes used are safe and clean enough to guarantee a human will not become ill eating the food. Do not be tempted to try it. Where your pet will love the food, your family will probably call the insane asylum to have you admitted. They do not want human grade food, they want human food.

If you value your pet and feel they are a true member of your family, you may want to try upgrading their dog food to the highest quality possible. As you are probably already guessing, these varieties of dog foods are going to be more expensive. It will be up to you to decide if they are worth it for your pet.

One other area where human grade dog food is very valuable is with finicky eating dogs. You will discover this level of dog food is made with more natural ingredients, carefully blended to satisfy almost any dog. The flavors are what your dog’s instincts tell them they should love. They will devour this food while leaving many of the other brands of dog foods sitting in their bowls. When you have been throwing away food, testing different brands, and wasting money, you may discover the higher cost of the human grade is actually cheaper. If your dog eats every bite, and there is no waste, it could be the true bargain.

When your dog starts acting like a human and wants to join you at the table, it is a sure sign it is time to upgrade their diet. They are notifying you of their new status as nearly human and demanding the high quality of human grade dog food.

Vegetarian Dog Food

There is two reason vegetarian dog food has been increasing in popularity. The first reason is the health benefits to dogs with certain health conditions. The second reason is the owner who is living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and would like their pet to join them.

Before you jump up and go running out the door to the grocery store or to the superstore, realize they are not going to have the vegetarian dog food on their shelves. It is a very rare store which has this variety in stock.

Where you will need to look is at large pet supply centers, your veterinarian’s office, or do your shopping online. Were you surprised about the veterinarian’s office? Since some dogs become either allergic or sensitive to certain animal proteins vets have learned is important to have a healthy substitute. This allows them to remove the ingredients which may be causing the dog problems.

A vegetarian dog food will use natural plant protein to replace the animal protein. Your dog needs protein to satisfy his physical needs. The most common source for the plant protein comes from soybeans.

Your veterinarian may caution you to be careful when buying vegetarian foods. Many of them have high amounts of wheat gluten, which can cause problems with dogs sensitive to gluten. This does not eliminate the possibility of feeding your dog vegetarian meals. A few producers of vegetarian dog food have come out with wheat free products to make sure your pet does not experience any issues.

The first worry you may have with switching to vegetarian foods is whether your pet will even eat them. Were you aware many of the top dog’s foods already use a high percentage of corn, wheat, and rice? Your dog devours these foods ravenously. Take out the small percentage of animal by-products and replacing them with high quality, flavored vegetarian selections could go completely unnoticed by your pet.

What you will probably notice, as a pet owner, is your dog will still have great energy with less dietary distress. You may notice their bowel movements become more regular with less frequent bouts of diarrhea or constipation.

Reading the ingredient list on a high-quality vegetarian dog food like Natural Balance may leave you drooling and jealous of your dog. The ingredients include brown rice, potatoes, green peas, and oatmeal. All the needed protein comes from this mix of vegetables and grain. Natural Balance uses no dairy or other animal proteins to give your pet the nutrition they need.

If you are considering vegetarian dog food for your pet’s health then check with the vet first. If your dog is sensitive to their current food it could be caused by the grains and vegetables in their current food. Your vet will help you make the right choice. If you are choosing to have your pet join you in your vegetarian lifestyle go ahead and buy a high-quality vegetarian food. Your pets will love the food.

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Hills Pet Food

You already know your pet needs the finest nutrition possible to stay healthy. When your pet has special nutritional needs you need experts who have created nutritional products for veterinarians, breeders, and pet owners for years. You need Hills Pet Food.

Hills Pet Food comprises several different lines. They have their normal line-up of dog and cat food to take care of the everyday needs of pets, this line is called the Hills Science Diet. This not the normal off the shelf variety of pet foods you find in the stores. This is exceptionally high-quality food made to exceed your pets nutritional needs, not to just match a minimum requirement. The Hills Pet company knows only with exceptional nutrition do your pets have exceptional health, and greater energy.

Hills Pet does not stop with just the Science Diet line. They have a complete line of foods specifically designed for the demanding needs of veterinarians. When a vet needs to find a food to take care of pet allergies, a sensitive digestive system, or for animals with bladder problems, they turn to the Hills Pet Prescription Diet line. This line of products is what your veterinarian will feed your pet in their clinic to nurse them back to health, and what they often recommend you use at home to aid in your pet’s recovery.

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Pet food is not a one solution item. Dogs of different breeds, different sizes, and different ages need different formulations. Hills Pet Food is designed with all of those criteria in mind. They create products specifically for puppies, small dogs, large dogs, older dogs, and even overweight dogs. They give the same detail and variety in their line of cat foods. You need to match the food you provide your pet to meet their exact nutritional needs or you can face health issues or lethargic pets. No one enjoys a pet who is always laying around with no energy. We want our pets to be fun and energetic.

You can find many pet food companies which have started to follow in Hill’s steps with a wider range of foods for different situations, but most of them stop with just one variety and neglect another important aspect of your pet’s happiness. Hills Pet Food has variety in flavors for your animals and then makes sure to take care of one of the most important bonding items between owners and their pets. Even when your dog or cat has nutritional challenges you need to have treats. Hills Pet recognizes the importance of creating healthy treats you can share with your pets and which still aids in giving them the proper nutrition. You will love knowing the treats you give your pet are healthy, and not just empty calories making them even fatter.

The Hills Pet Food company has been around since 1939, and with their continued development of the highest quality foods they will be around for many more decades. This is the company to turn to when you want the highest nutrition for your pet.

Pinnacle Dog Food

One of the first things which will catch your attention about Pinnacle Dog Food is the packaging. They use amazingly beautiful portraits of dogs in natural scenery to adorn their packages. Many times we discover great packaging is just the hype to make us ignore what is inside, but Pinnacle has nothing to hide.

The second thing you will notice about Pinnacle Dog Food is the unusual flavors. You may start scratching your head wondering why your dog would like that combination. One of their flavors is Trout and Sweet Potato. It sounds like a great picnic lunch beside a cold mountain stream, but not something you expect in your dog’s food bowl. Once you put the food in their bowl, you will discover the Pinnacle company has not lost their minds. They have done great research and found combination dogs love. Your dog might even be begging for seconds.

If Trout and Sweet Potato were not strange enough, then you need to head out to the hunting grounds. Their next highly popular flavor is Duck and Potato. This one actually makes a little more sense. Imagine the delight of a hunting dog who has spent years assisting you on the hunt. They have swum out and retrieved ducks off the pond for you, but never been given a chance to enjoy the rewards. Today you can give them the proper reward, and treat them to their own meal of duck and potato.

It is not just the unusual flavors which make the Pinnacle Dog Food so good. It is the high quality and the high nutrition. This food is optimized for nutrition for the canine body. It will give your dog a great looking coat, support their health, and give them boundless energy. The food is blended with the proper vitamins and probiotics to make sure your dog stays at peak health.

What about a little more common flavor for your dogs? Pinnacle offers a Chicken and Oat dried dog food variety. This is more in line with the offering of other manufacturers. The best way to keep your dog satisfied is to give them a little variety in flavor while maintaining the same high quality and nutrition. By rotating the different flavors you can take care of keeping their diet well balanced and easy on their digestive system, while still giving them the variety of flavors.

If your dog is having trouble with food allergies, the Pinnacle Dog Food line offers these same great flavors in an Allergy-Free variety. The food is manufactured to keep the nutrition high while eliminating the ingredients which have been shown to cause higher amounts of allergic reaction in sensitive dogs. Your dog can still have the great flavor, the best quality, and fewer allergy symptoms. The price is just slightly higher but is a great value for your pet.

Choosing Pinnacle Dog Food is a great choice for value, flavor, and nutrition. Your dog may believe you have taken them to the best gourmet restaurant in town.

Wellness Pet Food

Does the name Wellness Pet Food tell the entire story of this company? The fact they chose to take on the name Wellness should give you a quick clue to the passion of this company. They have only one mission in their business, to provide pets the highest quality, natural, holistic pet foods on the market. They know this is the proper way to enhance our pet’s wellness.

When shopping for high-quality pet foods we run across a wide variety of brands. Many of the brands come from the big name pet food manufacturers and are made in almost the identical method of all their standard foods. With Wellness Pet Food there are no other options. They produce one kind of quality and only one kind of quality. They only produce the finest quality possible, with recipes designed by pet nutritionists and veterinarians who specialize in the health of our pets.


What Wellness has discovered is pets thrive at their highest levels when they are fed natural ingredients. Not just any natural ingredients, but high-quality food. A pet food company can make a completely natural pet food which is filled with low-quality droppings from the slaughterhouse. Their claims of creating natural foods would still be justified. Wellness chooses to produce all of their pet foods using high-quality cuts. They know providing protein to our pets is not enough, it must be high-quality protein if it is going to help them maintain a healthy, strong, energetic body.

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The same theories are used in all of the other ingredients used in Wellness Pet Food. When they choose grain products to include in their recipes they only select high-quality whole grains. Some pet food companies cut corners and buy lower quality grains. Wellness recognizes not all dogs and cats can consume grain due to allergies. They create a line-up of grain free, and allergen free products for our pets with more sensitive systems. Sometimes allergy free products have less flavor and our pets do not enjoy them. Wellness creates unique, flavorful blends like Rice and Salmon or Rice and Duck to give your pet an allergen-free food which is still full of flavor. They will feel like they are back on a normal diet, and their eating habits and energy will show the difference.

From your pets standpoint, there is another important part of the Wellness Pet Food. When you use only the highest quality fresh meats and grains you have a pet food which tastes great. Leaving out all of the preservatives which kill the flavor in some pet foods enhances the taste even more. Your pet will be enjoying their food again, and getting all the nutrition they really need. What you will quickly discover the Wellness difference shows up in your pet’s level of energy. If your pet has been lethargic due to low-quality nutrition, they will return to their youthful energy levels. You will once again have an excited playful pet.

Pet Food Container

Do you understand all the reasons you should be using a pet food container? Most pet owners tear open the bag of dry cat food or dog food and just start serving it. Sometimes that bag stands open for more than two weeks as they continue to feed their pet from it. Ask yourself a simple question, how long would you eat from a bag of open bread or open bag of potato chips?

Your pet’s food is just as vulnerable to damage from the moisture in the air, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants as your food. Think how quickly bread goes dry if you leave the bag open. You probably are complaining that you roll down the corner of the dog food bag. Did you really seal it? Your pet food may be dry when you open the bag, but if you live in a humid environment it is not going to remain dry in the bag. It may still look dry to you, but the bacteria know differently.

The best way to store dry pet food is in large plastic pet food container. These containers are designed to be sealed tightly helping to control the damage from outside elements. One element which loves on open pet food bag is one of your most disliked guests.

Mice are going to delight at finding an open bag. Once they smell the delicious aroma they will not worry about climbing to the opening, they will start making their own by chewing new openings in the bottom of the bag. You go to pick up the bag and the food will go pouring out. If you store the pet food in a container the mice are going to stay away. They cannot chew through the plastic, and the smell which was tempting them before is now removed.

It is not only mice which love your open pet food bags, so do the insects. Many kinds of insects find dog and cat food to be a great treasure. Sometimes these microscopic insects can go undetected by your eyes and are ingested by your pets. Then you begin to wonder why your pet is ill. A well-sealed pet food container will solve this issue, too.

It is not only for preserving the food you should choose to use a container. Many of the containers offer you an easy way to dispense the food. They offer an easy to use dispenser towards the bottom of the container. You put the bowl down, open the dispenser and allow the food to drop into the bowl. No more needing to pick up a 50-pound bag of dog food to pour out a bowl of food.

If you have both cats and dogs you may want to get a stacking pet food container on wheels. You can put the cat food in the upper smaller container and keep the dog food in the lower, bigger container. Then when you need to do the feeding you just wheel the container out to their bowls. Fill the bowls, and then wheel all the food back into storage out of the way. Instead of battling multiple bags of food you have one convenient pet food storage system. The food is safe from the air, pests, and ready for you to serve. Once you try using the containers you will never want to go back to leaving the food in bags again.

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