Tetra Fish – The Tiny Terrors of the Tank

When you want to fill an aquarium with variety, fun, and keep the price low there is no better choice than the tiny tetra fish. This family of fish has variety in color, style, and all of them are perfect for an easy to maintain the tank.

One of the best aspects of the tetra fish is their easy care. Almost every variety of tetra is considered a great candidate for beginning hobbyists. They survive well in normal household temperatures of 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit making managing water temperature very easy.

The feeding needs of the tetra fish are equally easy. You can feed them flakes, freeze-dried, or frozen foods and they will do great.

Being a very small fish, with most varieties growing to around 2” in length, they are a great starter fish for tanks starting as small as 10 gallons and going much higher. The fun thing with a larger tank is getting a wide variety of tetra species and mixing them together. This adds color, action, and variety in your tank.

Tetra fish are a very low cost to purchase, too. Almost all tetra start under $5, with many being under $3. This allows you to populate a fish tank quickly and still keep your costs very low.

Here are some of the tetra fish you may want to add to your collection:

Black Phantom Tetra – This tetra sports a very long, tall dorsal fin equalling almost 1/2 of their body length. While their body color is mainly orange, the fins are black. The gill covers are also a beautiful black highlighting the sides of their bodies.

Red Belly X-Ray Tetra – This is one strange looking little tetra. With an almost translucent body and a red underbelly, you almost believe you are seeing right into the interior of the fish. With a large back eye, you may begin thinking your tank is inhabited by ghost fish.

The Glowlight Tetra – The glowlight of this shiny silver tetra is in the form of a pretty neon orange or red stripe racing down their side. The fish are very energetic little swimmers and add a great flash of light and color to the tank.

Bleeding Heart Tetra – One of the larger tetras at 3” long. With a long flowing dorsal fin, whitish body, and a bright red heart right on their sides, they add great beauty to the tank. The eyes are rimmed in red making you imagine their bleeding heart has caused red eyes and tears to enter the tank.

Red Minor Tetra – If you love large flowing, soft fins and tails the Red Minor is the tetra for you. With their orange to red colors, black flowing fins, and fluttering tails they are one of the prettiest fish in the tetra family.

Fish Keeping – The Art of Maintaining A Great Aquarium

Tetra fish include a wide variety of colors and body shapes. You can have a tank filled with interest and fun all on a very low budget. Along with the beauty comes one of the easiest to maintain families of fish you will ever find.

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