Snakes for Kids – Make Sure You Are Calm Before Choosing

Snakes for kids do make great pets. They are clean, almost odorless, easy to care for and live a long time. Snakes are quiet, unlike our children. What snakes make great pets for kids? Before making your decision make sure you are in a calm mood.

Why do you need to be in a calm mood? Just picture your little child screaming at the top of their lungs, arguing with you, kicking, hitting, and biting. Now, stop picturing buying the big boa constrictor, giant python, or a poisonous snake, your children are not snake bait.

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Seriously, it is important to make wise choices when considering snakes for kids. You want to make sure the snake is easy to handle, does not agitate easily, and is extremely easy to care for.

Before getting started on suggesting snakes, your children should be old enough to easily handle the snake and follow instructions. This usually means at least 6 years old to 8 years old before children are ready for their first snake.

A couple of the great choices of snakes for kids include:

The Corn Snake – The corn snake is a constrictor, meaning it wraps itself around their prey and slowly suffocates them through squeezing. The corn snake moves slowly. It is very docile and easy to handle the snake. By getting a smaller snake when your children are young they can grow together. The corn snake can reach lengths of almost 6 feet and live to be 20 years old. Keep this in mind when getting a snake, since it is likely to live much longer than the child who desperately wants it will live at home.

The Royal Python – Another constrictor snake but one which stays a little smaller. With size normally reaching a maximum of 4 feet, they are easy to handle and fun. Make sure you always choose snakes which were bred and raised for being pets, not ones which are found in the wild. A wild snake is more susceptible to being aggressive.

Both the Corn Snake and the Royal Python are going to want live food. Most commonly you will want to provide them with live mice to hunt, capture, and eat. This is one aspect of snake ownership which turns away many parents. If your child is not aware of this fact is could be a big turning point in their desire. Ask a local pet store if your child can come to watch during a feeding time to verify they really understand.

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Snake ownership is definitely not for everyone. It is a unique kind of pet which scares away many visitors. You will quickly discover your child’s passion, and perhaps your own for having snakes will not be shared by many members of your extended family. Make sure the snake can easily be moved out of the way when you will have guests.

Snakes for kids is not just about snake choice, but about carefully evaluating your child. If they are mature enough and understand the responsibilities, a Corn Snake or Royal Python will make a great pet.


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