Siamese Cat Breeders – Find A Great Breeder Before You Buy Your Siamese

How important is finding the right Siamese cat breeders to having a great cat? It is extremely critical. You hear the horror stories of unscrupulous breeders who do not provide proper nutrition, do not give the proper medical treatment, and allow their animals to live in filth. You do not want a kitten which is bred and born in unhealthy conditions.

The Siamese cat is one of the most interesting appearing cat breeds. With their pointed ears, angular faces, and often slanted eyes, their exotic oriental appearance is complete. The breed is not only beautiful but has the temperament to be a great house cat. This is both the blessing and a curse for people seeking a new cat.

The curse comes from the fact so many low-quality Siamese cat breeders are in business. They degrade the breed, producing cats which are not healthy and selling them without concern for their health and well being. The high-quality breeders know the importance of maintaining the quality of the breed through carefully breeding the proper cats together. Your top-notch breeders make sure their animals are well fed, kept in extremely clean environments, and have plenty of room for exercise and activity. Their cats never lack for proper medical care. It is obvious you are going to get a healthier, happier kitten from a high-quality breeding program.

Most people acquire their pets through a pet store and not directly through the breeder. This is where you are going to need to take a more active role and ask the pet store to provide you with the name of their breeder and give you contact information. You can then check with Siamese cat organizations, your local humane society, and on the internet to make sure the breeder runs a quality program. If you discover their breeding program is not up to the standards you desire, then you will be in a position to continue looking until you find a breeder which meets your standards.

The best way to find which pet stores have the best Siamese cats and use the best breeders is to ask other Siamese cat owners. They are going to know about the health of their cats and can give you a little guidance. When you have decided to invest in a special cat it makes sense to take a little extra time to make sure you get exactly what you want.

If you really want to know the inside scoop on your kitten’s beginnings you may want to buy directly from the Siamese cat breeders. Ask to visit their facilities, and see exactly how the cats are treated, where they are born, and ask to see documentation about the parents. A reputable breeder will know the details about every one of his breeding cats. Ask to see health records, ask about health problems, you can even ask to see the cats themselves. All of these little pieces of information help to ensure your cat is going to be truly representative of the breed and will be a good candidate for breeding should you ever choose to have a litter of Siamese kittens yourself.

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