RSPCA Cats – Do You Qualify To Adopt A Cat?

The Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is one of the noblest societies in the world. Their mission of saving animals who cannot protect themselves is crucial. RSPCA Cats have rescued cats who are now in need of rehoming.

If you are wanting to find a loving cat in need of a great home, then the RSPCA is one of the first places you should contact. The cats they have in their care are given proper nutrition, given medical checkups, and are well groomed. The cats are in a wide variety of breeds, with most being mixed breed cats. Mixed breeds are usually more hardy, and have fewer health issues. A mixed breed is often more colorful than a registered breed.

What must you do to quality to adopt RSPCA cats? First, you must be able to provide a good and safe home. You can expect to have a home visit to verify the cat will have a safe place to live and play. If your home has any minor issues it will not disqualify you from getting a cat, it will just require you make the adjustments. You will be given a report on the problems they are seeing, and what the RSPCA would like to see changed.

The cat most commonly will be neutered prior to you taking ownership. If it is a kitten which is too young to be neutered, you will be instructed to have it neutered when it is old enough, and you may be asked to bring back the evidence of the neutering.

You are going to be taught the essentials of taking care of a cat. While you may think you already know all the essentials, take the time to listen closely to the advice from the RSPCA representative. You may be surprised to learn a few new tricks. They are not trying to lecture you, they are trying to protect the pet who deserves the finest treatment possible. They never want to put a pet back into a situation where they may face abuse, or rejection again. Their mission is to serve the animals, not to serve you. Always remember their mission when dealing with the RSPCA, and you will never feel upset at their recommendations or decisions.

The biggest qualification for adopting RSPCA cats, the ability to provide love and friendship to your new pet. You are not adopting a cat to have an animal wandering around your home being neglected. You need to be excited and happy about having a cat in your home. You need to be the friend and companion of your cat, before they are going to be yours.

Choosing to adopt a cat from any rehoming organization is a great choice. Choosing to adopt from the Royal Society of Prevention to Cruelty to Animals is an even better choice. Your choice to adopt RSPCA cats is providing a great service to the cat and will reward you with the best pet you can hope for.

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