Rimadyl For Dogs – Getting Older Does Not Mean Your Dog Must Suffer with Arthritis

As dogs start getting a little older one of the biggest concerns expressed by owners is the onset of arthritis. You start noticing your buddy is getting a little slower, having difficulty jumping up into the chairs, and wincing in pain. You want to help but are not sure what to try. Rimadyl for dogs may be the right answer for your pet.

Rimadyl for Dogs is produced by Pfizer, one of the most respected and innovative companies in pet medications. Rimadyl is not only produced to treat arthritis but is used for the treatment of many types of dog pain. It is one of the most commonly used medications administered in animal hospitals for treating the pain of surgery. It is a very strong and effective pain reliever.

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Before you can use this powerful pain medication for your pet, you will need to visit the veterinarian. They will want to give your dog a thorough checkup and evaluate if the problem is actually arthritis, or if the pain is being caused by another source. You want to make sure the problem is properly diagnosed before starting any type of treatment.

One of the biggest advantages to Rimadyl, in comparison to many pain relievers, is the three different methods of administering the drug. For surgical purposes, or while your pet is in the clinic, they may choose to give your dog an injection. When you take your pet home you will have two choices. The first is a simple tablet, which you must coax your dog to swallow. This works well for some dogs but is a huge challenge for other dogs. The easiest to administer version is the liver flavored chew tablet. Your dog will believe they are being rewarded with a treat, instead of feeling like you are torturing them, trying to force them to swallow something they really don’t want. This option makes Rimadyl for Dogs very popular with dog owners. They prefer to treat their dogs, not torment them.

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There are possible side effects with Rimadyl for Dogs, but they are experienced in a very small percentage of dogs. You still need to be aware, just in case. The most common side effects include loss of Appetite, Diarrhea, and Vomiting. If your pet starts experiencing these symptoms after starting on Rimadyl, you must contact your pet’s doctor immediately. It could be nothing, but you do not want to further risk your pet’s health.

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The odds of your dog having any problems is very slim. Rimadyl has been used in over 10 million dogs with very low incidents of side effects. It is a very safe and effective choice for your pet.

If your pet is experiencing problems pain, then talking to your vet about using Rimadyl for Dogs may be your best option. They may recommend a different choice, but at least they will know you have done your research, and are an informed pet owner. The most important thing is to get the help your pet really deserves.


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