Reptile Terrarium – Do You Need An Aquarium, Terrarium, or a Cage

Setting up the perfect reptile habitats starts with choosing the right equipment to start. Do you know which is going to be your best choice a reptile terrarium, aquarium, or a reptile cage?

The starting point of this decision needs to start with understanding the difference between a reptile terrarium and an aquarium. While they may appear almost identical to the naked eye there is one major difference which will spell disaster if you choose the wrong one. The aquarium can hold water and a terrarium cannot.

A reptile aquarium is ideal for aquatic turtles and other reptiles requiring swimming water. You can fill the aquarium to an appropriate level with water then start adding your vegetation, rocks, and other materials to provide your reptiles with areas to bask in the light, or to get out of the water for a rest.

A reptile terrarium is ideal for your lizards, snakes, and turtles which do not require standing water. It can be setup with the proper substrate on the floor of the terrarium, add your plants, and other structures to give your reptiles a great living habitat. A terrarium often is designed to seal in moisture to help maintain humidity levels. Some terrariums even come bundled with simple hydration systems to help maintain humidity levels.

A reptile cage is going to be the most open of all reptile enclosures making humidity control and water retention very difficult. Cages are most commonly used for reptiles needing less environmental control and for very large reptiles.

So which one do you really need? You are the person who will need to answer this question based on the needs of your reptile.

If your reptile does not need standing water and is able to be contained in a reasonably sized enclosure a reptile terrarium can be ideal. They come in a variety of sizes, often being taller rather than longer. Climbing snakes and lizards require taller tanks to have room to move and enjoy their surroundings. A tall terrarium is a perfect choice for them.

With the terrariums ability to help maintain humidity levels it is ideal for rainforest lizards and snakes. You can have a wide variety of plant life to satisfy your reptiles. Maintaining humidity levels does not only mean a wet habitat, it can mean a very dry habitat, too. By making simple adjustments your reptile terrarium will work just as well for desert snakes and lizards. It is all a matter of setting up your habitat properly for your species of reptile.

About the only time, you will want to choose a cage over a terrarium is when you expect your reptiles to grow very large. The terrarium provides more secure containment with the glass walls and gives you much greater control over the environment. Cages are ideal for iguanas, monitor lizards, and large snakes.

Before making your final choice of a reptile terrarium, aquarium, or cage consider your reptiles needs today, and for the future.

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