Reptile Cages – Providing A Quality Home For Your Reptiles

What is the first thing you think of for your reptile enclosure? Most of you probably instantly thought of reptile aquariums which are the most common enclosure. These are great for small reptiles, but what about those reptiles which get large? Reptile cages are the proper way to house your larger reptiles and can be great for your smaller reptiles, too.

The reason reptile aquariums are so popular is due to their easy availability and size. They are very convenient for taking care of lizards, turtles, and snakes which require more water, also. The reason you must know about reptile cages is that aquariums are often too limiting for many reptiles.

Reptile cages allow for larger enclosures, better airflow, and are often better for allowing live plants to grow and thrive. Their biggest fault is in maintaining environmental control. This is one reason you must know your reptiles environmental needs extremely well before choosing the enclosure you plan to use. If your reptile cannot live in normal room temperatures, with only some spot heat lamps providing them locations for warming, then reptile cages are likely out of the question. If your reptile requires very stringent humidity levels, then again, reptile cages are most likely out of the question.

The environmental needs are one of the biggest reasons most people will stick with reptile aquariums unless they have large lizards or snakes. These larger species are often more tolerant of a little change in their environment.

An Iguana makes a great example of a large lizard which will require large reptile cages. If you purchase an Iguana you are making a commitment to providing an enclosure around 6 feet tall, with enough width and depth for them to move about easily. They need climbing surfaces, places to the sun, and to hide. With Iguanas growing to 6 feet long and sometimes even longer, their area needs to be very large. Reptile aquarium will never suffice. Cages, or devoting an entire room, are about the only options available.

Reptile cages are not only for large reptiles like Iguanas and Monitors, they can work exceptionally well for smaller reptiles, too. The advantage of a cage is you can house many lizards in one enclosure instead of only a couple lizards or reptiles in a small glass aquarium. In larger reptile cages with a fine meshing, you can have trees, brush, rocks, lights, and bathing areas for your lizards. They can freely move about in an environmental area more closely simulating the wild. This can create happier pets which are brighter in coloration and may bring about greater chances of breeding.

Reptile cages are a great alternative to your reptile enclosures. While they may not be perfect for every species, they are the best choice for many others. Check carefully into the needs of your species before making a choice between a cage, aquarium, or terrarium. Choosing the right enclosure is half the battle to keeping your reptiles healthy and happy.

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