Reptile Bedding – Choosing the Right Floor for Your Reptiles

When you start choosing reptiles you want to own, you are also making a decision on the type of reptile bedding which needs to line the bottom of their enclosure. Reptile bedding needs to closely match the environmental factors your reptile would have found in the wild.

It is possible to have very healthy reptiles with very simple reptile bedding. Many people have great success using simple unfertilized peat moss or potting soil. Other people have good success using even the most atrocious form of bedding material by tearing up newspapers. If you want to give your reptiles their preferred living space you need to provide them with proper bedding material.

While this may sound nearly impossible since you cannot run off to the rainforest to gather leaves and moss, or to the desert to get the perfect sand, it is much easier than you expect. Several great supply houses have done all the hard work for us and started creating, packaging, and selling reptile bedding which is designed to closely match the needs of our reptile pets.

Here are a few of the interesting mixtures you can buy today to satisfy your reptile bedding needs.

Jungle Earth Reptile Bedding – This is exactly as it sounds. It is a very earthy smelling and feeling bedding material which is great for holding moisture and providing plants with nutrition. It is designed to work great in terrariums for reptiles with a rainforest heritage. It works best in high humidity habitats.

Forest Floor Bedding – This is another bedding material designed to mimic the environments found in a forest. This is specially blended to be ideal for frogs, toads, and salamanders who populate the ground level of most forests.

Repti-Sand Bedding – This bedding material is a high-quality sand mixture which has been thoroughly cleaned and all foreign elements removed. It is ideal for your desert reptiles. It is a loose sand which is ideal for digging and burrowing reptiles.

Terrarium Moss – This is a very commonly used moss for reptile bedding. While it is not necessarily an exact match to their wild habitat it is a moss which lasts great in terrariums and provides a great bedding material for many species of reptiles.

Alfalfa Meal Reptile Bedding – This is a very specialized bedding material. It is designed to be used in the reptiles habitats of reptiles who commonly ingest bedding material as they feed. It is completely safe for your reptiles to eat and actually provides added nutrition.

Many other reptile bedding mixtures are on the market covering a wide range of barks, moss mixtures, and sands. You need to identify the type of habitat your reptile needs and then match their bedding material. With such a wide variety of great choices being available today using newspaper no longer makes sense. Give your reptiles an ideal bedding material for their home, and let them feel like they have re-entered the wild.

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