Rare Tropical Fish – Do You Want The Oddballs of The Fish World?

Are you wanting to shake up your aquarium and add something really unusual? You can choose from one of the many oddball rare tropical fish to make your tank special.

Some of these rare tropical fish are very unusual in appearance, and you will love having everyone stopping to ask about them. Here are a few fish you may want to add to your tank.

Clown Knifefish – Warning – This fish requires a massive tank. This is for you hobbyists with tanks in the 200 gallons and larger sizes. The Clown Knifefish can grow up to 24” long in an aquarium and is known to grow larger than 40” long in the wild. With a long grey body with large black spots running down the side of their body, they are unique appearing. They look almost like a dolphin.

South American Leaf Fish – Danger – This fish may look like a leaf lying in the tank, but it is an extreme predator. It grows to 4” long, and anything smaller is food. It requires live food to survive in your aquarium making the cost of feeding a little higher. Most keepers of these specialty fish keep them in their own tank and then introduce smaller inexpensive fish as their prey.

Archer Fish – With a maximum size of 10” it requires a decent sized tank, but normally they stay much smaller in captivity. This fish is an insect eater and will require you keep your tank a little lower on water level so you have room to put the insects on the water surface. If you have a tight fitting cover you may want to introduce a few flying insects so the archer can shoot them down with their stream of water.

Malayan Angel – One of the most beautiful fish and rare tropical fish you will find. With their diamond shaped body in a silver with color with beautiful yellowfins, they have exceptional beauty. Growing to almost 10” long they are a display fish like no other. They are more difficult to keep in captivity, so make sure you study their needs and are prepared to give extra care.

Green Scat – Another large fish at almost 12”. They require brackish water and will eat almost anything. They dine on live food, plants, and even insects. They are a more aggressive fish and usually need to be kept in small numbers and separate from less aggressive fish. Their lively behavior can make for a great active display in a larger tank.

These are tropical fish may not be the easiest to find, or to maintain, but they will set you apart from the crowd. They are beautiful, odd, and sometimes downright strange. Learn what is required for each of these fish before you consider buying them. While most people will stay away from these more extreme fish, they are always an option you may wish to consider.

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