Ranchu – A Remarkable Looking Goldfish For Your Aquarium and Ponds

Are you getting bored with all the standard appearing goldfish everyone has in their ponds and tanks? The Rancho variety of goldfish will give your displays a unique appearance, one unmatched by any of your friends.

The Ranchu has a rich history. The beginnings of this breed head deep into the Orient. The history of the Ranchu starts in China, contrary to what you hear from many people. Most people believe this variety of goldfish started in Japan. The Japanese breeders must be given the most credit, though. They are the group who took the humble beginning of the fish and developed it into one of the most interesting breeds today.

The Ranchu is often compared to a sumo wrestler. The shape appears shortened, thick, and fat. The head appears very large and thick, almost like buffalo head. One very distinguishing feature is the lack of a dorsal fin. This is a feature which is carefully considered during breeding, and in any fish shows. Any appearance of a dorsal fin will eliminate it as breeding stock or in competition.

Having Ranchu goldfish will not eliminate your color palette either. The goldfish come in the traditional bright orange colors, chocolate browns, blacks, whites, reds, and mixes of all these colors. You can fill a pond with Ranchu and have a literal rainbow of color to enjoy.

Just like most other varieties of goldfish, this fish is prolific at creating waste. What this means is you must give very careful attention to tank and pond cleaning. You need to take special considerations in maintaining water quality. Make sure your aquarium or pond allows 10 to 15 gallons of water for each individual fish. They need plenty of space and water to stay healthy.

Your selections of food for your Ranchu is very similar to other varieties of goldfish. Goldfish flakes and pellets are perfectly fine, and they can thrive on this easy to use food. Mixing in some live or frozen brine, or other fresh alternatives can help enhance their health. Do not forget the importance of vegetables in their diet. The Ranchu is very happy snacking on lettuce or cucumbers.

As with any fancy tailed variety of goldfish you need to give extra care watching for the disease. You can avoid most diseases with proper water quality, but if you detect any sign of disease make sure to take immediate action. Waiting only risks the disease spreading in your tank or pond, risking the lives of all your prized fish.

When you wish to add color, interest, and originality to your fish collection the Ranchu should be on your short list of fish to check into. They are very hardy like other varieties of goldfish making them easy to maintain. With the ease of acquiring food, medications, and the general care of all goldfish, the Ranchu is a great choice compared to other varieties of tropical fish. They are one choice which will set you apart from the other owners in your area, giving you a very special fish display.

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