Ragdoll Cat Breed – The Big Beautiful Breed of the Cat Family

Do you love large cats? The Ragdoll cat breed is one of the largest of the domesticated cats. With males sometimes getting up to 20 pounds they are a very large cat. Females can hit weights of around 15 pounds. While the Ragdoll is a large cat it is very beautiful.

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Having a large cat is not the best reason to get a Ragdoll cat. One of the best reasons is their appearance. The Ragdoll has some of the most beautiful eyes in the cat world. Their ice blue eyes are very distinctive. The Ragdoll cat breed has long hair making them appear even larger. The fur is very soft and can be in a variety of colors. They are often predominantly white with highlights of browns, grays, and blacks around their eyes, and ears. Sometimes the additional colors flow across their backs giving the breed even more variety.

While the cat is large, their name of Ragdoll exemplifies their personality. They are a very docile, and friendly cat. They enjoy being handled, petting, and attention. When you pick them up they will often go limp and feel exactly like a large rag doll. These cats are very intelligent and affectionate. They are a pleasure to have around the home and are fantastic with small children.

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The Ragdoll cat breed has a colorful past. These cats were specially bred, and for a long time were not recognized as an official breed by most associations. It was not the fact they did not wish to add the breed, they were being disallowed by the originator of the breed, Ann Baker. She established her own association and turned her back on the others. After a long period of time, the other associations added the breed under the name Ragamuffin to avoid the legal complications of the using the trademarked name Ann had selected. Not until 2005 could they change the name to Ragdoll, when the trademark was allowed to expire.

The one things which were sure during all the controversy, this breed of cat was gaining in favor. Due to their large size, beautiful coats, brilliant eyes, and docile demeanor they were prized by cat owners around the world. From the strange beginnings in the 1960’s when Ann Baker believed her cat had been subjected to some type of scientific experiment and was special due to an accident, the breed has continued to grow. It is amazing how from a simple start from a few cats in the possession of Ann that this spectacular and popular breed has developed.

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If you want to have a large, beautiful cat in your home, with the temperament of a gentle grandmother, then the Ragdoll cat breed should be your first choice. Their demeanor and beauty are not matched by any of the other large breeds of domestic cats. This is one breed which is sure to continue growing in popularity due to their great personalities.

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