Prairie Dog Food – Keep Your Pets Healthy With The Right Diet

Are you the lucky owner of Prairie Dogs for pets? These are unique and unusual pets to own and take care of. You need to understand the proper Prairie Dog food for your little pets, or they will not survive for long.

You need to start by considering the natural diet of a wild Prairie Dog. They are foraging natural grasses, leaves, and sometimes insects for their primary diet. You need to simulate this diet as closely as possible. There are a few easy ways to take care of this need, without needing to go out harvesting for yourself.

The primary Prairie Dog food used by most owners comes in the form of pellets. These pellets are made from a combination of natural grasses, proteins, and sometimes with a little added sugar for more calories to keep your active little dogs running. The pellets provide a well balanced diet for your Prairie Dogs, but should not be the only food you are providing them.

You need to provide them with some natural grasses for both better health, and happier Prairie Dogs. You still do not need to go trekking through the fields to get the grasses on your own. Many of the providers will also carry bundles of timothy hay, which is one of the preferred foods. Adding some whole grains like oat is highly recommended. By using a wide variety of Prairie Dog Food you will keep your pets healthy and happy.

If you are raising Prairie Dogs for shows or for breeding it becomes even more critical to use the highest quality Prairie Dog Food available. When you provide your animals the best food, they will have healthier looking fur, and will be more active and successful in breeding. Unhealthy animals are not very excited about breeding, they are more focused on survival. You need to provide them extra food with plenty of nutrition when you are planning to breed.

You may be able to find your supply of Prairie Dog food at your local pet stores, but most likely you will be either special ordering it, or finding it online. Prairie Dogs are not a commonly kept pet, and most stores only carry supplies for their more common requests. When you take a little time to look online you can find a wide range of sites which carry top quality food for your animals. Most times they will carry the feeders and watering systems which work well for Prairie Dogs.

Just because you have chosen to have a little more exotic pet, does not mean you need to hunt for your own food. You can find many sources for high quality Prairie Dog food and save yourself the trouble of having to do the harvesting yourself. It may even save you money, since you will not be spending gas heading out into the field to harvest all the time for yourself. Save yourself time and enjoy your pets.

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