Portuguese Water Dog Puppies – Are You Ready For Fishing Or Just A Fun Puppy?

When looking for a new dog and you want something special, you should consider Portuguese Water Dog puppies.  These puppies are not only cute, cuddly, and playful, they come from a special breed with a unique talent.

We have all heard of dogs herding sheep, cattle, or other critters on the land.  Have you ever heard of a dog whose specialty is herding fish?  These dogs, originally from Portugal, were trained to work with fishermen.  They would herd fish into the nets, retrieve lost fishing gear, and even carried items between ships.  Not the normal behavior of dogs.  While you may never need to have your dog herd fish or work in the water, the history of these dogs makes them very unique.  Your family swimming champion may have a new competitor.

Most people are looking for a dog which is friendly with their family and is cute.  They want a great personality in their pet, and not a grumbling, growling, unfriendly dog.  Portuguese Water Dog puppies meet all the proper criteria.  These puppies are fun, intelligent, loving, and independent.  They grow into dogs which are great for families with small children.  Their intelligence makes them very easy to train, and they learn both tricks and work tasks very fast.  If they were larger they would be great candidates for lead dogs for the blind.  They do make excellent hearing dogs for the deaf.

One thing to be very aware of when considering Portuguese Water Dog puppies.  They bond to their family and usually choose a favorite.  This does not mean they ignore anyone else, it just means they will show a preference.  They are very social creatures, wanting close contact with their family, and not a great dog to leave alone for extended periods of time.

If you love a dog who shows excitement and joy when you come in the house the Portuguese Water Dog should be one of your favorite breeds.  They often jump, dance on their hind legs, and let you know with no doubts how excited they are to see you.  It will give you a smile of joy walking into your home to such an excited and happy greeting.

Your Portuguese Water Dog puppies are going to grow into a medium-sized dog.  A full grown female will be approximately 19″ tall and weight around 40 pounds.  The males will get a little taller and heavier, with heights around 22″ tall and their weight around 50 pounds.

A Portuguese Water Dog can be several different colors with black and brown being most common.  You will find white and mixed colored dogs, also. Their fur can range from wavy to tightly curled.  Some owners groom their dogs similar to a poodle to give them a unique look.

When you add Portuguese Water Dog puppies to your family it is a big treat for everyone.  You will have a beautiful dog with all the characteristics which make it the best friend to everyone in the family.

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