Pet Water Fountain – Quit Letting Your Pet Drink Dirty Water

Just look in that water bowl. Even when you change the water often it always seems a little dirty and disgusting. Switching to a pet water fountain allow you to provide better quality water to your pets while decreasing your work.

Sounds almost like a miracle. You can give your dog or cat fresher water and have less work. This is accomplished because of the simple design principles in a good pet water fountain. The first factor is the circulating water. Instead of the water sitting lifelessly in the bowl attracting dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants, it is constantly circulating. This allows the water to oxygenate and freshens the water.

In many systems, the circulating water is going through a filtration system to clean the water. Your pet’s water will be cleaner than the water coming from your tap. Clean water is essential to the good health of your pet. One of the major causes of diarrhea and stomach problems is bacteria-infested water. If you think cleaning up a dirty water bowl is bad, it does not come close to cleaning up pet vomit or feces. With fresh clean water, you could eliminate all of those problems.

You are probably wondering where the less work part comes in to play. Your pet water fountain will have a water storage tank to allow you to fill the water less often. Since the water is remaining clean and fresh through the circulation and filtration you will not need to clean the watering station as often, either.

What is the biggest advantage? Your pet is going to enjoy drinking their water more since it is fresh. Pets love the water movement. It adds to their enjoyment. Since your pet is drinking more often they keep their kidneys and bladder flushed out. This reduces the amount of kidney and bladder problems your pet may have during their life.

You will have a few recurring costs with your new pet water fountain. You will need to pay for the electricity it uses, a very minimal amount. You will need to buy replacement filters. The filters are one of the important factors of the system. Make sure you replace them on schedule to give your dog the best water possible.

Take another look at that water bowl you have been using. See all of the debris on the bottom? It is disgusting to wash out the slimy stuff in the bottom of the bowl. With circulating water and filtration you do not get the slimy mess in the bottom of the bowl. This slime in the bottom of the bowl is the favorite place for bacteria to breed. Getting rid of the bacteria and slime is going to give you a healthier pet. If you eliminate only one visit to the vet by giving your pet fresher water you will have already saved money. A pet water fountain is a very inexpensive way to increase your pet’s health, and reduce your need to clean up the slime.

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