Pet Value – Can You Put A Price On Your Pet?

Pet stores do it all the time. Breeders are comfortable with the process. What is the pet value of your cute pet? Why can a breeder and pet store owner do it so easily, and you find it nearly impossible.

What is the value of your pet? If you ask a pet store owner the value is the cost they paid for the animal plus a reasonable profit. When you talk to a breeder they will tell you the value of your pet is equal to the quality of the parents, the cost of the breeding and feeding, plus of course a reasonable profit. For you, is your pet value equal to the price you paid for your pet?

Pet owners know the true value of their pet has nothing to do with how much they paid. The value of their pet is equal to the joy, love, and playfulness they bring to their family. A mixed breed mutt may be more valuable to you than the most expensively bred poodle in the world. The high bred poodle might put their nose in the air, waltz around a dog show, and win great prizes, but if you don’t enjoy dog shows it means nothing to you. Your mixed breed my jump in your lap, laugh in your face and beg to have their tummy scratched. Your laughter, smiles, and joy in seeing their unbridled love could be many times more valuable to you.

Of course, some dog owners love the dog show circuit. Their dreams are of training their dogs, grooming them, and taking them to the fanciest shows around the world. They desire to have the best-bred dog possible to bring out all the classic appearance of the breed. For them, value equals purity of the breed, classic looks, and intelligence.

For a blind or deaf person, their pet value could be tied to the training, intelligence, and love of their guide. Their dog is not only a pet but is their eyes or ears, too. These pets lovingly guide them through their days and do it with joy.

A policeman who has worked with, trained, and lived with a K-9 dog knows the value of his pet and co-worker is not an issue of his breed, or how much was paid for the dog. His value is based on confidence, camaraderie, training, and the knowledge this dog can save his life on any call.

The time you will really know your true pet value is the day your pet is injured, or your pet passes away. The tears streaming down your face will answer the question very easily. Your pet was invaluable. They were part of your life, your family, and cannot be replaced at any price. You will not care about trophies on the shelf, breeding papers in the drawer, or any of those other insignificant values, you will have lost one of your best friends. Your value was not based on money, it was based on love.

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