Pet Snakes – The Slithering Fun In Your Home

Just imagine seeing a snake slowly slithering in your home. This thought brings fearful thoughts to a wide cross-section of the population. They hear the word snake, see a darting tongue, and see a snakes body and they prepare for flight. For snake lovers, the idea of having a pet snake produces excitement, not fear.

It is amazing to hear uninformed people talk about snakes. The talk about snakes being slimy. If they would simply put away their fear for one moment and touch one of the pet snakes in a pet store they would realize most snakes are dry and smooth to the touch. There is nothing slimy about them. Even a wet snake does not feel slimy, they just feel wet.

The reason for fear is because everyone is convinced a majority of snakes are poisonous or will attack. The reality is pet snakes are not poisonous, are almost always docile, and rarely can be provoked to bite. Pet snakes are only interested in biting one thing, their lunch.

The reason you need to be aware of these reactions by the general population is that they may become very uncomfortable about the snake in your home. While you are excited about having purchased one, or more, pet snakes they are going to treat the new with trepidation. Do not be shocked if someone does not immediately tell you they will never come in your home again while you own the snake. They just do not understand.

Pet snakes are not the cuddly soft pets most people are familiar with owning. While they have become a very common form of pet, they are still not recognized as normal. You are stepping outside the normal arena of pets. Congratulations, you are the one who is going to have the most fun.

While a snake may not be a cuddly friend, they do provide great entertainment. Watching your snake grow, feed, and move can be very pleasurable. A snake requires less care than the average cat or dog, being housed in a large aquarium most of the time. Feeding them is easy since it only is done a few times per week.

Pet snakes are even hardier than most other pets. It is very common for them to live 15 to 20 years in captivity, and may never require a visit to a vet. If you give them proper nutrition, adequate water, and a clean environment they will thrive.

If your friends are getting a little crazy about your snake ownership just assure them it is kept out of their way in a nice safe tank. Pet snakes are not going to take off and run around the house hunting them down. Just avoid handling the snake in their presence until they begin to relax with the normalcy of your home. Soon they may become more interested in your snake and begin to understand why a snake is not so bad after all.

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