Pet Snakes For Sale – Make Sure You Know This Before You Buy

The sign in the corner of the mall “Pet Snakes For Sale” peaked your interest. You walked into the pet store and are faced with a bunch of snakes in their aquariums and cages. You know nothing except the fact the pet store wants you to buy one. What kind of snake should you consider?

Many people are intrigued by the idea of getting a large snake. They have visions of handling this over-sized snake impressing all of their friends. If this is going to be your first snake it is time to throw away the thought. You need to start with a snake which is safe, easier to handle, and probably medium sized. The snakes you should probably consider are the Ball Python, the Corn Snake, and the King Snake. All of these snakes are medium-sized, non-poisonous, and relatively easy to care for. Let us take a quick look at each of these snakes to help you make a decision.

The Ball Python is one of the best snakes to own. They will reach lengths of around 5 feet long, making them large enough to enjoy, and small enough to easily handle. The most commonly will eat frozen mice or rats. A few are more finicky eaters and will demand having live mice. These snakes live a long time with many getting to 25 years old. It is rare for a ball python to strike at you or try to bite.

The Corn Snake is one of the most popular snakes for pets. They reach a similar size to the Ball Python at just over 5 feet. They are less finicky about their food. The corn snake can be found in many different colorations giving you the ability to have some variety from friends, or if you choose to have more than one snake. This is one of the best starter snakes you can choose. If the Pet Snakes for Sale is above the corn snakes, then go ahead and make your purchase.

The King Snake is not actually an individual snake but a name encompassing a family of snakes. Most of the snakes in this family make great pets. They range from 4 to 6 feet in length, are easy to feed, and enjoy handling. If you really like variety consider starting with a King Snake. You can then switch between other king snakes as you add to your collection.

A few additional questions to ask the pet store. Are the snakes captive born and bred? You do not want to buy wild captured snakes. You will be battling a snake who has learned to hunt on his own, to fight, and is going to be reluctant to being trained. Wild-captured snakes will have more chance of having a pre-existing illness, too. Make sure you know where the snake comes from. Ask about the food and ease of feeding for the snake you are wanting to buy. The pet store handlers will know what they are feeding the snake and what you can expect to feed, too. You will prefer frozen mice rather than needing to run to the pet store for live mice all the time.

When you respond to the Pet Snakes for Sale sign make sure you understand the commitment you are making. These snakes live a long time. Snakes hitting 25 years old and longer is very common. You are making a big commitment, but one you will enjoy. Snakes make great pets.

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