Pet Lizards – Choosing the Right Lizard For Your Home

Pet lizards are one of the greatest pets you can own. They are fun to watch, safe, and never cause household damage. Choosing the right lizard is one of the fun parts of getting your pet lizard.

There are many varieties of lizards which people choose as pets. Some of the lizards remain very small, and others can get quite large as they mature. Here are a few of the top pet lizards you may wish to choose from.

If you are wanting a lizard which is easy to care for even though it can become very large the Argentine Black and White Tegu is your perfect choice. They are highly intelligent. You can teach a Tegu simple tricks, to respond to verbal commands, and even recognize a name. When we are talking large, they get very large. A Tegu can reach a length of over 4 feet long. They require a massive cage for proper care. Only consider a Tegu if you have plenty of space in your home. This is not a short time commitment. A Tegu can live to be up to 15 years old.

Exotic Lizards – From Unusual To Downright Weird

For a medium-sized lizard, you may want to look at the Bearded Dragon. These magnificent looking lizards grow to approximately 2 feet long making them large enough for great enjoyment, but small enough to fit in almost anyone’s home. The Bearded Dragon is one of the ideal starter pet lizards because of their very easy care. Their primary diet is insects and vegetables making their diet very inexpensive. This could be the perfect lizard to get started with.

If you want smaller pet lizards then it is time to look at the Gecko family of lizards. The Crested Gecko is very popular and only grows to 8-inch in length. This small size makes them very easy to care for in a smaller sized reptile aquarium. Their diet of fruit paste is one of the simplest to feed and take care of. They are very hardy and do not require special heating systems. if you want an easy to care for small lizard the Crested Gecko should top your list.

Iguanas have become one of the most common lizards purchased today due to their low cost. This is not the choice of pet lizards for new hobbyists or families with children. Iguana is very big. A mature Iguana can easily exceed five feet in length. Their size is not the biggest reason you may wish to avoid them. They have sharp talons, a powerful whipping tail, and large teeth. They can do serious damage to an inexperienced handler. Only purchase an Iguana if you know what you are getting yourself into. They require special handling and lots of room. A full-grown Iguana can require almost as much space as a 5-year-old child.

Exotic Lizards – From Unusual To Downright Weird

The real key to choosing the proper pet lizards is to consider size, temperament, and diet. A large lizard is perfectly fine if the temperament is right like the Tegu, but can be an extreme danger with the more aggressive and sharp-clawed Iguana. Choose wisely and have fun with your new pet.

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