Pet Friendly Hotel Chains – It Is Time To Take Your Pets Along

If you love to have your pets travel with you, or are moving across the country you need to know which pet-friendly hotel chains are going to welcome you and your pet. You do not want your pet to be stuck in the car overnight, it is not a safe place.

Some of your favorite hotel chains are also the most pet-friendly hotel chains. One of the hotel chains pet owners repeatedly report great success at is the La Quinta Inns and Suites. Most La Quinta properties have set aside some of their rooms to be available to their four-legged guests. They welcome these guests into their buildings and most often have nice courtyards for you to exercise your pet.

As you noticed in the comments about La Quinta, most hotel chains set aside only a certain number of rooms for pet owners to use with their pets. This allows them to reduce the number of rooms with potential damage from pets, but does provide you with a mild challenge. No matter which of the pet friend hotel chains you are wanting to stay at, you should call ahead and make reservations. Make sure to ask for a room for pets. This guarantees you will have a room which will welcome your pet, instead of having an unpleasant surprise when you arrive in the next city. Make sure to ask if they have an area for you to exercise your pet. Just because a chain has rooms for pets does not mean they have an area to take your dog out for a little fresh air.

Holiday Inns is another of the large hotel chains which are very pet friendly. Holiday Inns are in most larger communities, and are usually very conveniently located. Instead of calling the national hot line to make your reservation, make sure to call the specific location. They are the ones who will have the detailed information about their pet friendly rooms and their ability to accommodate your pets needs.

If you are looking for a little more upscale hotel then check into Embassy Suites, Hilton Hotels, or The Doubletree. All of these are pet friendly hotel chains with more upscale settings and rooms. Just because you are traveling with your pet does not mean you need to go for only bargain hotel chains. You can stay in the finest luxury and have your pet join you. Your pet is part of the family and these hotel chains recognize the need to invite the entire family in for the overnight stay.

Just one more reminder, always call the specific locations on any of these pet-friendly hotel chains. This is even more critical if you will be staying at the hotel on a vacation. Your pet is going to need surroundings which allow you to take them out, and only the individual locations can tell you of their offerings, and the area surrounding their hotel. You are going to love having your pet along on vacation.

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