Persian Cat Rescue – The Mission of Saving Beautiful Cats

Persian cats are one of the most prized lap cats in the world. With their beautiful eyes, soft long fur, and loving personalities they are one of the most sought-after cats. Their popularity is one of the reasons Persian cat rescue became important.

When a breed becomes as popular as the Persian, breeders of all kinds spring up. You have many breeders who are top notch, protecting the breed, taking care of their animals, and providing high-quality pets to the owners. You will find just as many breeders who only want to make money. They breed Persians with no concern about maintaining the strength of the breed and continuing the loving personality traits. These lower-end breeders do not take the time to inform owners of the additional care needed for these beautiful cats.

The first place Persian cat rescue must take care of is eliminating the unscrupulous breeders. These are the scourge of the breed, and create the majority of the problems faced by animal adoption centers. The rescuers watch for owners in trouble, too. Many owners purchased the cats believing they would be just as low of maintenance as a short-haired cat. This is simply not the case. A Persian requires more grooming, brushing, and hands-on care from their owners.

You will find many Persian Cat Rescue centers scattered across the USA and most other countries. The true lovers of these cats have banded together to provide resources to help their beloved breed. These centers take in the rescued cats, nurse them back to health, and then attempt to find them new homes. This second phase is one of their most important missions.

While looking for owners they will not automatically accept everyone. They are seeking owners who are willing to learn the proper techniques for caring for a Persian cat and will provide a safe and comfortable home. They are not in the business of shuffling cats from one rescue to the next. If you are wanting to adopt a rescued cat you will be quizzed about your home, and provided information on the proper care. You may be asked to allow a home inspection. This is true of many animal adoption groups, not only the Persian rescue centers.

You will have one important decision to make when adopting a cat, whether to have the cat neutered, or not. Most centers will recommend having the cat neutered, unless you are sure of the lineage, and wish to use the cat for breeding purposes. In this case, they will demand to know your qualifications as a breeder, and want to inspect your facility.

Why is Persian cat rescue so important? With the large numbers of this breed being adopted today, if there were no resources to rescue them, many cats would continue to be abused, mistreated, and neglected. With the aid of the rescuers, these same cats have a fighting chance for a better life. By choosing to adopt a cat, or donate to these organizations, you prove your love for this treasured breed.

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