Parakeet, Parrot, and Cockatiel – Do You Want a Bird Who Sings, Talks, Or Both?

People buy all kinds of birds to beautify their homes and the have as pets. If you wanting to teach your bird to talk then you must select a bird from the Parrot family. This is probably much easier than you imagined since the family includes many different birds.

Your list from the parrot family can include the parakeet, parrot, cockatiel, cockatoo, mynas, lories, and many others. If you want the most intelligent of the birds you probably want to stay with the true parrots. The challenge, they are also the most expensive. If you want a bird who can learn to say words if you are diligent in training and is much lower in cost, you probably want to try a parakeet.

The Parakeet looks like a miniature parrot, which it basically is. The advantage of staying with the smaller breeds is not only concerned with cost. They require less food, are easier to the house, and produce much less waste. Another smaller bird which qualifies is the Cockatiel. If you-you stays with the smaller varieties of birds you can buy several quality birds for the price of a single large breed.

No matter what bird from the parrot family you choose you will need to find a quality veterinarian to help you with any health problems. Check with breeding societies for their advice on Avian Vets in your area. If you don’t have a bird specialist around your area, then you may want to stay with a parakeet. They are the most common household bird, and the one your local vet will have seen the most often. They will be most familiar with it and are better prepared to deal with their health challenges. This could be one of your biggest determining factors. Check with your local veterinarians and local breeders to see what they recommend. They want to see you have success because with your success they will get even more customers. You may want to even check with local clubs, owners often band together to share their challenges and successes.

While it is tempting to buy a Parakeet, Parrot, or Cockatiel, and then mix two or three types of birds it is much better to stay with one breed. Their social interactions will be better, you can use the same foods, and medications for all of the birds. Having a large cage with several parakeets can be great fun. They play, sing, and interact with each other. You will be able to watch them all preening at the same time, poofing their feathers, and jabbering. Once one of them start learning a word or two the others are likely to start imitating, and soon your cage with be filled with words.

Should you choose a parakeet, parrot, or cockatiel? Only you can really make the final decision. How much space do you have for cages? How big is your budget? No matter which one you choose, you are going to have a lot of laughter, fun, and challenges as you train your birds.

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