cat incontinence

Cat Incontinence And How You Can Reduce The Problem

Cat incontinence comes in two varieties, urinary incontinence, and bowel incontinence. The more common is urinary incontinence which can be caused by a wide variety of causes. Here are a few of the common causes of urinary incontinence in cats, and some advice on how to proceed. How to reduce the problem of incontinence Sadly … Read more

reptile aquarium

Reptile Aquarium – Get the Right Home For Your Reptile Pets

It is amazing how often new reptile owners are given horrible advice by a store attendant lacking knowledge. You go to the store to buy a gecko or other lizard, and then they sell you a fish aquarium starter kit as the home. A reptile aquarium has very different needs than a fish aquarium. Make … Read more

reptile breeders

Reptile Breeders – The Champions of the Wild Reptiles

It is amazing how an industry can go from being the scourge of reptiles to being one of the biggest heroes. Not too many years ago reptiles were decreasing in numbers rapidly due to the constant harvesting of reptiles for the pet industry. Captive breeding programs were not very effective. Today reptile breeders are responsible … Read more

cichlid fish

Cichlid Fish – The Family of Fish Which Keeps On Growing

Cichlid fish are one of the favorite families of fish for owners who love vivid colors, high variety, and fish which are very social in the aquarium. The challenge with Cichlid fish is figuring out which one you are talking about. The Cichlid fish family is vast with over 2000 species already identified and more … Read more

colitis in dogs

Colitis In Dogs – Signs of Colitis And How You Can Help Your Dog

Colitis in dogs is going to be accompanied by one thing every dog owner hates. A whining, complaining dog. Your dog is going to be miserable and is sure to let you know. Colitis is a swollen or inflamed large intestine. Colitis can be called by several other names including, Spastic Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel … Read more

goldfish memory

How To Train a Goldfish To Do Tricks

Dog owners, cat owners, and bird owners always seem to look down on goldfish owners. They will point out their pets can learn tricks, but your pet just swims around. What they do not realize is goldfish memory is much better than previously understood, and you may be able to teach them a few goldfish … Read more

snakes for kids

Snakes for Kids – Make Sure You Are Calm Before Choosing

Snakes for kids do make great pets. They are clean, almost odorless, easy to care for and live a long time. Snakes are quiet, unlike our children. What snakes make great pets for kids? Before making your decision make sure you are in a calm mood. Why do you need to be in a calm … Read more