reptiles for kids

Reptiles for Kids – The Surprising Answer to The Best Reptiles

When do you start considering reptiles for kids what species crosses your mind first? Is it Iguanas, Monitors, Turtles, or some other form of reptile? While Iguanas are one of the most common and inexpensive reptiles you can choose, they are one of the worst reptiles you could ever buy when you have children. To … Read more

tropical fish breeding

Tropical Fish Breeding – Getting Ready For Making Baby Fish

Tropical fish breeding should be easy. It is all natural. You just put the fish in the tank and walk away. While those theories might work for a tank filled with guppies, do not expect it to work for your most treasured tropical fish. If you want to successfully breed it is going to take … Read more

reptile terrarium

Reptile Terrarium – Do You Need An Aquarium, Terrarium, or a Cage

Setting up the perfect reptile habitats starts with choosing the right equipment to start. Do you know which is going to be your best choice a reptile terrarium, aquarium, or a reptile cage? The starting point of this decision needs to start with understanding the difference between a reptile terrarium and an aquarium. While they … Read more

topical fish mollies

Tropical Fish Mollies – A Great Family of Fish For Every Aquarium

Tropical fish mollies are another of the great families of tropical fish which are easy for new owners and easy on the wallet. Being easy on the wallet does not mean being boring. The Molly family of tropical fish has great variety with over 30 separate species within the family. There are a few very … Read more

french bulldog

French Bull Dogs – A Remarkable Companion Dog

French bulldogs make great companions. Their temperament and size make the ideal dogs for living indoors and work great for people in apartments and smaller living spaces. One interesting fact about French bulldogs is their reluctance, and sometimes inability to swim. Due to their body size, length of legs, and density they are very poor … Read more