Outdoor Cat House – Give Your Outdoor Cats the Shelter They Need

Pet owners always remember to get a dog house for their outdoor dogs, but for some reason, many of you do not get a shelter for your cats. It may be true a can is smart enough to find shelter somewhere, but it is better if they have a safe, secure outdoor cat house to provide their shelter.

An outdoor cat house should be designed with all seasons in mind. The house needs to keep your cat warm in the winter months. For the winter it is important the house has good insulation to keep your cat’s body heat in the house, keeping them warm. The floor needs to have either carpeting or some kind of bedding material to keep the cold hard surfaces away from their skin.

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In the spring you probably expect more rain. Any cat house you select should have a method of keeping the water away from the entry so the rain does not enter the house. Make sure the house is rain tight since we all know how much cats enjoy the water.

For the summer the house needs to allow for great ventilation. The heat must be able to escape, and cool breezes to enter. In the summer months, you should move your outdoor cat house to an area which has shade during the hottest times of the day.

The fall usually brings the return to rain and falling temperatures. Your cat will be ready to hide in their warm dry house.

There are many designs of outdoor cat houses to choose from, but the most critical element is making sure the house covers all of your cat’s physical needs. After those are met, then you can start choosing from different designs. From space-age designs to homemade wooden cat houses the options are vast.

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If you want an outdoor cat house which looks great in your backyard you could consider a great looking house made of wood with a deck on top for your cat.

Do not substitute a full-sized dog house as your choice of the outdoor cat house. A normal sized dog house is too large and your cat will not feel as secure and comfortable. The larger size makes it difficult for your cat’s body heat to warm the interior of the house during the winter months, too.

One of the most popular styles of cat house is the igloo shape. Made of hard plastic they are great at keeping off the rain. The light color helps to reflect away much of the sun’s heat during the summer. If you purchase one with carpeting on the floor your cats will enjoy clawing and scratching in an appropriate place.

Do not leave your cats alone to find their own shelter during the rain, snow, and heat. Provide them with a high-quality outdoor cat house which will give them the security and safety they need. It is a small investment in protecting your cat’s health and well-being.

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