Lizards For Sale – Danger Included Free of Charge

Have you ever been tempted to turn the corner and go buy a lizard from an individual just because you saw a sign saying “Lizards for Sale”? Before you turn the corner and go make a risky purchase, consider what you might be stepping into.

When you see one of these lizards for sales signs in a store or along the side of the street you can be sure of one thing. These are amateur breeders of lizards not professional breeders. You may get a great deal and end up with a perfectly healthy lizard.

You might end up with a reptile owners worst nightmare, too. Amateur breeders have very little at risk. Professional breeders have their entire livelihood at risk. An amateur breeder may unknowingly have lizards which are diseased. You buy a lizard from them, take it home, add it to your lizard enclosure, and suddenly you infected your other lizards. Instead of only your new purchase falling ill and possibly dying, you lose your entire collection of lizards.

What is the likelihood of this happening? While it is not very common, the concern is very real. You do not know anything about an amateurs breeding program, the cleanliness they keep their lizards in, or the nutrition they provide them. It is a risk you do not need, especially since you are only likely to save a couple dollars.

Your best choice is to buy all of your lizards from reputable pet stores or professional breeders. They maintain their lizard’s health and watch them closely because it is their business on the line. When they put up a sign which says Lizards for Sale you know it is an opportunity to save money, not a risk of infecting your population of reptiles.

If the reason you were considering the Lizards for Sale signs is to save money, you have a much better option. Go online and do a little research. You will find prices for identical lizards vary greatly between sites and stores. On larger, or rarer species you may be able to save many dollars on your purchase. Most often your local pet stores will not be your lowest priced option. This lowest priced options normally are found in the pet super centers.

Once again, if you are going to look for the lowest price you may be taking a slight risk. Some pet supercenters are not staffed by highly knowledgeable staff. You may discover you know more about lizards than the person you speak to. Make sure the lizards have been well cared for before buying.

What you quickly discover when buying reptiles, Lizards for Sale signs and the lowest price are not always the best bargain. Paying a few more dollars to get the healthiest lizards from a knowledgeable pet store owner can give you the best return on your investment with a more healthy lizard. Think in terms of value, not just the initial price of buying your lizard.

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