Live Reptile Food – Discovering The Buffet Line Your Reptile Loves

You can be sure of one thing about live reptile food, you are not going to wish to sample any of it. Your reptiles idea of a great buffet is the same meal which would have us running to the bathroom.

Live reptile food covers a wide range of different foods. The species of your reptile is going to play a major part in what kind of food you will need to buy. Here are some of the most common types of live reptile food.

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One of the most popular foods for many forms of lizards and some snakes are crickets. They are an inexpensive and easy to maintain the form of live reptile food. Many pet stores carry live crickets in their inventory. They should have a variety of cricket sizes ranging from larval stages all the way to full-grown adults. In most cases, you will want a larger cricket for your reptiles unless your lizards or snakes are very young and small.

Another popular reptile food is fruit flies. Many species of lizards love these small insects. Their tongues can dart out and quickly snatch them. Do not worry, these fruit flies are non-flying insects having been bred to be perfect for feeding our pet reptiles. It would be really annoying to feed our pet and then discover we have released a bevy of fruit flies into our home.

Some reptiles thrive on meal worms instead. Mealworms are another low-cost food which is easy to store and feed. One of the best parts of using mealworms is the ease with which you can set up a worm bed and grow your own. Your pet store or an online provider will have all the items you need to have a worm bed full of worms ready for digging up and feeding to your reptiles. It is one of the best ways to keep your costs very low.

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Another grub which works great with many species of turtles, lizards and some snakes is the waxworm. It is one of the juiciest and tastiest worms for their reptilian taste buds. We will just have to take their word for it, none of us are likely to pop one in our mouth.

For the healthiest reptiles, you may need to feed them a good mix of these different forms of live reptile food. Variety increases the level of nutrition and keeps them interested in their food. Most reptile food is very reasonably priced, making the ownership of reptiles very affordable.

While feeding a cat, dog, or bird is often the most boring part of your day, feeding your reptiles live reptile food is part of the adventure of ownership. You get to watch your reptile track down their meal, capture it, and consume it. It can be an addictive part of owning a reptile. Make sure you carefully study the eating traits of your reptile before selecting the food, and to determine the proper feeding frequency. You may be surprised to learn your reptile only requires feeding a couple times per week.

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