List of Tropical Fish – The Best Tropical Fish For The New Owner

When starting out with tropical fish it is very easy to end up with a tank filled with mismatched fish, fish which are hard to care for. Suddenly you find fish floating on the surface and begin wondering if you made a horrible mistake buying an aquarium. This list of tropical fish which are hardy, easy to care for, and great for new hobbyists will help you have success right from the start.

1. Red Gold Tuxedo – These hardy fish are one of the all-time favorites for a very good reason. They can stand temperature ranges from 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. This range makes it very easy to keep the water in a proper temperature without too much trouble. Being a very small fish at only 1.5 inches, you can have 5 gallons of water to start off with and then increase size for additional fish.

2. Bloodfin Tetra – Another fish which is tolerant for temperature deviations. Many people keep the fish in tanks without heaters, but it is preferable to have a tank heater. They eat a wide variety of foods and thrive on tropical fish flakes. They are a beautiful fish with a silver underbody and a greenish color to the top. With their red fins they really stand out in the tank.

3. Cherry Barb – This beautiful red fish is another water tolerant fish. They stay small in size at around 2 inches long and are best added to your aquarium in groups of 6 or more. They are active and fun to watch. They will eat most common tropical fish foods. They are resistant to most diseases and are a great choice for new owners.

4. Zebra Danio – Just as their names sounds these fish are black and white striped. They are another great addition, but should be added in a group of 6 or more. They enjoy to school together. The Zebra Danio is tolerant to water temperature and other water conditions. They will eat a wide range of foods ranging from flakes, to frozen, to live.

5. White Cloud Mountain Minnow – This cute white fish is another fish with a good tolerance to temperature and water condition. Similar to the Zebra Danio they can eat a wide variety of foods and thrive.

One common requirement of all tropical fish is maintaining your water quality. While these fish are more tolerant than many species, if you do not change the water regularly, keep the filtration system working properly, and not overfeed, you will still have fish dying or becoming ill. Your most important job is maintaining water quality to have the healthiest fish possible. Weekly maintenance is the key to having great success.

By taking only this short list of tropical fish you can have an aquarium filled with exciting color, activity, and which are tolerant of water conditions. They are great choices for getting started in your new hobby of raising tropical fish. As you get more experience you can add other fish to your list of tropical fish like the Dwarf Gourami, Platy, or Gold Barb.

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