Kitten Advice – Finding And Caring For the Perfect New Kitten

Kittens are so cute. Those cuddly little bundles of joy are filled with energy and are fascinating to watch. If you are just preparing to get a new kitten, you may wish to follow this kitten advice for choosing a great kitten, and taking care of it properly.

As you start looking at kittens you must make a decision. Are you adding a family pet and companion, or are you seeking to have a show cat? The most common is adding a family companion, which is what we will discuss here.

The perfect kitten for your home is one which has the temperament you will enjoy. Are you wanting a loving curious cat? Are you seeking a cat who is a loner? Do you want a cat who craves social interaction? Different breeds of cats have very different temperaments. When you go to visit a pet store or breeder make sure you have considered what kind of personality you would like to see in your cat.

If your family includes small children one of the best breeds is the American Shorthair. This cat has a very laid back attitude and loves being around children. It will tolerate their teasing and playfulness without reaching out and give the kids a swat.

A cat which is even more laid back is the Rag Doll. These cats will go almost limp when you pick them up. They are very good around young children, also. The American Shorthair will be a more playful cat than the Rag Doll.

These two breeds are mentioned just to give you an idea of why you will want to consider breeds based on temperament. You might want a lively cat, not a limp Rag Doll. This would change your selection dramatically. Go into buying your kitten with an idea of how you want your cat to act as an adult.

Your new kitten is going to have some very special nutritional needs. Their young bodies are not as fully developed as an adult cat and require a more gentle blend of food. They require vast amounts of energy, too. This is to fuel their playful little bodies, and their amazingly fast growth. There are many high quality kitten food alternatives on the market to give your new kitten all the nutrition it needs.

Kittens require more frequent feeding than an adult cat. Plan on making sure food is available around 4 times per day, in comparison to only a couple times for an adult.

The most commonly sought after kitten advice has to do with litter box training. The key to training your kitten is to keep it near the litter box. During the first few weeks in your home, it may be advisable to keep the kitten in the same room with the litter box. When you do allow the kitten to roam, return it to the litter box on a frequent basis. The kitten will quickly learn this is where to find the litter box, and the odds of an accident will quickly disappear. It is easier to train a kitten than an already matured cat.

By using finding the right breed with the right temperament your need of kitten advice will drop dramatically. The kitten will quickly grow into the type of cat you have always hoped to enjoy.

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