Keep Cats Out of Garden – Learn The Methods Which Really Work

Have you planted a vegetable or flower garden only to keep discovering cats tearing up your plants, or having the experience of stepping in the cat’s little gifts they left behind? If you want to keep cats out of your garden without spending all of your time outside, you need to know the best methods to repel cats.

One of the first things to keep in mind it what cats dislike. How often have you ever seen a cat out in the rain, or swimming in the water? They stay away from water unless it is safely contained in a bowl for drinking. Some of the best cat repellent systems use this fact to chase cats away. Some systems use a motion detector and send up a quick blast of water when they see motion in the garden. This will have cats running away in panic. These systems are very effective, but a little higher priced than some other methods.

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Another thing cats hate is walking on wires. Cats will walk on the wooden supports holding a wire cage together, but will never walk across the chicken wire of the cage. If you have not already planted your garden, you can lay down a cover of chicken wire, and cut out the openings for your plants. Since they do not enjoy walking on the wire it will keep cats out of the garden and give you another advantage. The chicken wire will keep dogs from digging in your garden, also. They may sniff around in the garden, but they are not going to start digging for the chicken wire is blocking their way.

If those two methods do not meet your needs there is still many ways to take care of cats. You can buy many forms of chemical cat repellents you can sprinkle in your garden beds. The repellents use scents which scare cats and all except the bravest cats will steer clear. The scents are often based on the scents of cats predators.

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There is another interesting theory to keep the cat out of gardens filled with flowers or vegetables, use redirection. Plant a small garden plot away from your main plants and plant catnip. The scent of this plant will draw the cats away from your other gardens, and make it the preferred location for hiding, hunting, and digging around. This may be one of the most pleasant methods of taking care of the cats.

Some gardeners use small electric fences to keep cats and other small animals out of their gardens. These small electric fences are very safe and only provide a very annoying and slightly painful shock. They are even safe if you have small children. The children will find the shock equally unpleasant, which is why most parents stay away from this option. If you have very persistent cat intruders this may be one of the most effective methods of protection.

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When you need to keep cats out of garden areas you are faced with many challenges, but an equal number of great solutions. You just need to choose the method you are most comfortable starting with and give it a try. If the neighborhood cats are still persistent, then you will need to keep testing strategies until you find the repellent which turns them away.


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