Indestructible Dog Bed – Is It Possible For A Dog Bed To Survive?

How fast can your dog destroy a dog bed? Does it take a few weeks, or are you lucky and the dog beds last for a few months? An indestructible dog bed would be a money-saving blessing for most pet owners.

You have seen the results of your dog playing and arranging their old dog beds. They scratch, claw, chew and drag the bed around. The dog bed may have seemed durable when you bought it, but those teeth and paws are relentless. They keep tearing and pulling on the material until they get a little start, and then it is all over. From just a tiny hole they can transform the bed into shreds in just a few days.

An indestructible dog bed gives you a fighting chance, even though calling it indestructible might be an overstatement. These beds are made with tougher outer fabrics designed to stand-up to the abuse your dog dishes out. They are made of heavier rip-proof nylon fabrics to help resist penetration and ripping of the fabric. The inner filling is usually made from thermal hollow materials which are used in the toughest outdoor gear. This is again to help prevent your dogs from getting those little holes started, and then to start pulling out the cottony fillings used in most dog beds. The inner filling will not be easily removed from the outer liner, making it much more resistant to your pet.

If you are needing a bed which gets your dog up off the floor or ground a little bit, chooses a bed with a steel frame. A wood or plastic frame will quickly become a chew toy, where a metal frame will last for years.

Once you combine the proper mattress and the metal frame you are as indestructible as you can get. You already know this does not mean totally indestructible. We all have heard the stories of dogs chewing their ways out of garages, breaking through fences, and chewing holes in everything they find. With their ability to destroy, they will eventually tear up even an indestructible dog bed. The good news, instead of it being in a few days, or few months, this bed may last for years before they finally have it torn apart. Compared to the other beds this is indestructible.

By investing in an indestructible dog bed you save money over the years. Instead of constantly buying new blankets, pillows, and mattresses, you have one bed which lasts for years. The slightly higher price is worth every penny. The second benefit is the reduced cleanup you will have. How often are you finding the filling from your dog’s bed laying around the house? You left for the day and come home to discover they had a wonderful day of play. They managed to get the lining ripped open and have joyfully pulled out all the stuffing, distributing it throughout the entire home. With an indestructible bed, those days are over.

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