Hyaluronic Acid For Dogs – Get Your Pet’s Joints Moving Smoothly Again

It is painful to watch our dogs grow older and see them begin to slow down. You notice them struggling to make the small jumps they were so accustomed to. One of the ways you can help restore your dog’s ease of movement is by supplementing their diet with hyaluronic acid for dogs.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound in your dog’s body. As they age their levels of this acid can start to decrease, and the lubrication for joints created by the acid decreases, also. By giving the dog a supplementation of Hyaluronic Acid, their joints and ligaments get increased lubrication, reducing the pain of movement, and allowing them to move more easily.

You will hear many people recommending glucosamine for helping with an arthritic dogs aching joints. While it is a good choice, the one thing most people do not discuss is why it works. Glucosamine is a precursor to the hyaluronic acid in dogs. It combines with other elements to produce the hyaluronic acid. If you can move one step further down the line and supplement directly with the Hyaluronic instead of waiting for the conversion to take place, it would make sense the relief will occur more quickly. Do you want your pet to wait, or do you want the faster method of relief? We all want our pets to have the fastest relief possible. When we hear them yipe in pain it hurts us too.

Is Hyaluronic acid for dogs going to cure your pet’s problems? No, it will just help in giving relief. Most of these aching joints and arthritic conditions come along with your dog getting older. You cannot reverse aging, but there are other things you can do to help. The biggest culprit to making the problem worse is weight. Dogs, just like humans, tend to get heavier as they get older. Their metabolism slows down, but their eating does not. You need to keep your dog on a strict diet and keep their weight down. When they are carrying the extra weight they put additional stress on the joints, making the pain more intense.

By combining the lubricating power of Hyaluronic acid for dogs and proper weight loss you will be making your pet much more comfortable, and reduce their pain. You will see them start moving more easily, and the spring will come back into their step. Where they may have stopped jumping into the chair to join you, you might be pleasantly surprised to find your buddy in your lap licking your face again. Make sure you take advantage of your pets better feelings and help them to get more exercise. Added movement and exercise helps to work the joints and many times reduces the pain of arthritis. It is when you are stationary the joints start to freeze up and become even more painful. With a combined approach you will give you and your dog added years of enjoyment.

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