Housebreaking a Dog – Successful Ideas To Make the Task Easier

Bad dog!! No, No, No!! Is this the way your training methods with your puppy or dog are currently going? Housebreaking a dog does require telling them what is wrong, but even more important is doing it at the right time. Here are some ideas to make training your dog much easier.

The first step requires the hardest part of the training. You must first train yourself. When you discover a mess hiding in the corner, or a new potty stain from an hour ago, you are going to just need to grit your teeth, clean it up, and not say anything to your dog. It is already too late to start training them from this incident. While you are frustrated and want to put their nose in it and give them a strong reminder, it will only teach them to hide their mess even more.

When should you correct your dog? When you see them in the act of making a mess, immediately raise your voice to stop them. Then immediately escort your do outdoor to the location you wish them to start using. This is where real patience is going to be required. You need to wait with them until they take care of business.

Once your dog has urinated or defecated int he proper location you must do the second step in successful training. You must give them praise. Lavish it on thick with lots of love, scratches behind the ears, and congratulations. Your dog loves your attention, and will quickly learn taking care of their needs outdoors gets it.

There is one step you need to use with your young puppies to accelerate this training. You must recognize young pups do not have good bowel and urine control. You must get them outside often. You should consider restricting their movement in the house too small area, and possibly even an indoor dog kennel until they have better control at around 12 weeks.

When a dog urinates on the carpet or floor, that spot is now marked for future usage. If you can prevent your puppy from marking territory inside the house, then housebreaking a dog becomes much easier. You will discover it becomes natural for them to go outside to use the bathroom. Just make sure you are taking them out at least 6 to 8 times per day for a young puppy. They cannot wait.

Housebreaking Older dogs are going to be more challenging. While you may be tempted to give up, be persistent and consistent. Older dogs wish to have your approval just as much as younger puppies, they just are stuck in patterns. When it finally sinks in you are their joyful friend when they take care of business outside, and their stern master when you catch them soiling the floor, they will change behavior quickly.

Avoid using food treats as rewards while housebreaking a dog. The treats may be a great positive reinforcement for many behaviors, but they also lead to more needs to go eliminate waste. Use your love and attention as the reward for the greatest and fastest road to success.

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