Holidays With Dogs – Winning Ideas to Have Your Dog Enjoy The Holiday Too

Which is harder, holidays with kids, or holidays with dogs? The answer is undoubtedly holidays with dogs. Everyone expects the kids to go along, and the accommodations are always easy. With a little planning, it can be almost as easy taking your dogs along, too.

The first step for planning for taking your dog along for the holiday is finding the appropriate places to stay. Do not plan like so many of us, and just hit the road, planning to find a hotel when we arrive. This may work great for humans, but the choices are much more restricted for our pets.

The good news, even the largest hotel chains have rooms set aside especially for families traveling with their beloved pets. The reason you must call ahead and make reservations is these rooms often fill up very quickly. You do not want to arrive to start your holiday and then discover you have nowhere for your dog.

In addition to planning for where you will stay, you must think ahead about where you will be stopping along the road. Your dog is going to want to have an adequate number of breaks to take care of their business, just like your children will. While most public rest stops and break areas have an area for pets, fast food restaurants and gas stations do not. You need to keep your eyes open and take the opportunities to give your pet a break.

If you happen to be traveling by airplane, and wish to take along your dog, make sure to check very early with the airline on requirements. You will need inform any car rental locations you plan on having a pet along, also. They often charge a higher rate for having your pet in the car, since it often leads to higher clean up costs.

Do not plan on taking along your entire supply of food for the holidays. Holidays with dogs are easier if you just take along the food you need while on the road, and then pick up supplies when you arrive. The added room taken up in the car or baggage, along with the smells are not really needed.

Do not forget the importance of taking along a couple good leashes, and a dog travel box. If you plan to leave the dog in the hotel while you are out enjoying an amusement park or other fun events, the dog needs to be contained in their box. You are responsible for all damages to a hotel room if the dog is left out, and those costs can become very high rapidly.

While you may be tempted to leave our pet at a kennel, you should seriously consider taking them along. Holidays with dogs can be great fun when you are visiting the beach, parks, going camping, and visiting family. If possible take them along and enjoy all the great fun. Your dog is sure to thank you with a wagging tail, and laughing smile.

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