Heated Cat Bed – The Lazy Days and Lazy Nights of A Pampered Cat

Are you getting tired of your cat crawling in your bed every night wanting to snuggle up to your feet? Your cat is not only seeking company, but they are seeking warmth. You can get your bed back and free up your feet with a heated cat bed.

A heated cat bed provides your cat with a refuge away from the cold and drafty floor. Once the cat learns the bed stays warm you will find them snuggled up peacefully sleeping during the day and the night.

What should you look for when selecting your cat’s new bed? The most popular shape for their new heated bed is round. Think about how your cat loves to sleep rolled up into a little ball. The round shaped bed makes this easier. Your cat will feel very comfortable rolled up against the rounded edges of the bed.

The bed must be very soft and absorbent. Beds with good cushions and a soft cover are loved by your cat. It makes the bed one of their favorite places to find.

You will want to select heated cat bed which can sense when your cat is using the bed. Does this sound a little odd? If the bed cannot sense the cat’s presence then it would need to be manually turned off and on.

A good example of how this works can be found in the Thermo-Kitty bed. The pressure sensors detect when the cat enters the bed and increases the heat. You have adjustable thermostats to vary the heat, but the default temperature is a toasty 102 degrees. It might sound hot to us, but to your cat it is blissful. When the cat leaves the bed, the bed automatically reduces the heat to approximately ten degrees above room temperature.

You may be wondering why it stays heated at all. If the bed was cold when your cat arrived, they would just head on their way looking for a warm spot to sleep. The warm spot is likely to be in your lap, or at your feet in the bed. By staying warmed above room temperature, the bed is inviting to your cat, and then slowly warms to their perfect temperature. This assures the cat is going to stay in their ideal bed, not yours.

If you are concerned the cat has established too strong of the habit of coming to your bedroom you have two choices. The first choice is to buy the heated bed and place it at the foot of the bed. Your cat will discover it on the way to find your feet and may choose to have their own special place.

The other option, which is probably the best choice, put the bed where you wish them to sleep, and then close your door until they learn to use the bed. After they establish their new habit you should be able to safely open the door again.

A heated cat bed is not only a treat for your cat but often just as big a treat for you and your family. Instead of having a cat jumping on you in the middle of the night, they will be snoring peacefully in their own bed.

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