Guppy Tropical Fish – The Amazingly Durable Fish From South America

Guppy tropical fish are among the most common fish to be added to an aquarium, for good reason. They are easy to care for, inexpensive, and beautiful.

Often people start thinking of guppies as a very boring fish with no color. While this can be true for some varieties of guppies the most prized guppy tropical fish come in a wide variety of colors, some very brilliant. You will find varieties of guppies with blazing red tails, neon blue tails which flutter in the water, and a rainbow of other colors. The tails can be solid colored or filled with spots, stripes, and other wild patterns.

These fish which are often considered boring due to the boring guppies we remember from childhood. They are colorful, exciting, and can make a great addition to any tank.

One of the reasons pet stores commonly recommend guppies as a first fish is due to cost. Guppies are very easy to care for, too. You will need to maintain the temperature of your aquarium at approximately 24 degrees centigrade, variations of 3 degrees, either way, is fine, making temperature management very easy.

Guppy tropical fish are prolific breeders. They are a live-bearer species, meaning their fry are born alive, not laid as eggs. For the best community of guppies include two females for each male. Make sure you have plenty of plants, whether live or artificial, to allow the females to evade the males when they want. Male guppies can be very insistent about chasing females for mating.

If you are wanting to raise guppy fry you are going to need a second aquarium. Guppies are notorious for eating their own fry, and in most cases, only a few survive. If you move the mother to a separate tank before the fry are born, then remove her after they arrive you increase the survival rate dramatically.

If you choose to keep the fry in the same tank with the adults it is crucial to make sure the adults are well fed. By giving them plenty to eat, especially live food like brine shrimp, they are more likely to ignore the fry.

Feeding guppies are very easy. You can choose from live foods, freeze-dried, frozen, and even many tropical fish flake preparations.

As with any kind of fish in an aquarium, guppies require very clean water. Make sure you change out around 15 percent of your water weekly for the best survival rate and maintaining good health in your guppies.

Guppy tropical fish have one other big advantage over almost any other family of fish. They are the most understood by pet store owners. Since they sell more guppies than any other fish they know about the proper care, carry the right medications, the proper foods, and all the accessories you will need. They can give you the best advice you will get on any type of fish. Start off with guppies, get your feet wet in having an aquarium, and then you can start adding additional community fish to increase the beauty and variety in your tank.

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