Gourami Tropical Fish – Entertainment Has Just Entered the Tank

Gourami tropical fish are well known for their bright colors, beautiful shapes, and is easy to look after. Did you know they are also one of the most entertaining fish in your tank?

Many kinds of tropical fish just lay around in the tank, slowly drifting in the water, being very boring. Gouramis, on the other hand, are energetic, playful, and enjoy darting about the tank. This makes for a very entertaining tank. You did not buy a large beautiful aquarium to watch a motionless display with only the rising bubbles causing motion. You want to fish you can enjoy watching.

Since your gourami tropical fish like to be very active, it is always a good idea to have a large tank, not a tiny 20-gallon tank. You want their playful attitude to come out fully for the most enjoyment. With all the activity you may think the fish are a bit aggressive, but this is very rare. About the only time, the Gouramis become aggressive is during breeding times, when the males become territorial and will defend their tank area.

If you are not worried about breeding your Gourami tropical fish you may want to stick with predominantly females. You can have a large group of females and they happily live together. Even the males get along well with other species, it is predominantly their defense of territory from other males during breeding.

One thing which alarms many new owners of a Gourami is finding their fish at the surface gasping for air. This is a very normal habit of the Gourami since it has labyrinth organs allowing it to breathe air directly, not only from the water.

Unlike many other families of fish, Gourami tropical fish of different species are very willing to intermix and shoal together. You will find Blue Gouramis, Pearl Gouramis, Banded Gouramis, and Moonlight Gouramis all happily mixed together in one area of the aquarium being playful with each other. No inter-species fighting.

If you choose to have Gourami from several different species make sure to include at least one male and one female from each species, even if you are not planning to breed them.

The Gourami tropical fish has a very small mouth, so food selections must be kept small. Other than food size the Gourami is very happy with most types of food. They happily eat flakes, live foods, and even freeze-dried foods. Using a mix of foods is always a good idea to keep your fish at their highest levels of health. Different foods often have slightly different mixes of nutrition.

Adding Gourami tropical fish to your tank is one of the fastest ways to increase the beauty and fun in your tank. With all the variety of colors, you will have a tank filled with lively fun. Gouramis should always be high on your list of fish to try. They are easy to care for and give you years of great entertainment.

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