Goldfish Tanks – Successful Goldfish Owners Use The Right Tanks

Are you ready to have goldfish in your home? Have you already started shopping for an aquarium to keep them in? Before you buy you must understand what successful goldfish owners already understand. Goldfish tanks should never be one of the starter aquarium kits you find in your local superstore.

Goldfish are very interesting little fish for a little while. When you first buy them they are commonly only an inch or two long. They are very small and cute. What you may be overlooking is how fast and large your goldfish are going to become. A common goldfish can easily reach eight to ten inches long, and sometimes even a little larger. Even fancy goldfish can reach lengths of six to eight inches long.

As you can imagine, those small starter aquariums will not be large enough once the fish start to mature. Goldfish tanks need to be much larger. A good starter size is a three foot tank. This gives your goldfish plenty of room to grow and move. It is a big advantage to you, too. The larger tank makes a great looking display in your home which grabs attention and showcases your fish.

One good method for sizing your goldfish tank is to use a simple formula. Common goldfish will require around 10 gallons of water per fish. Fancy goldfish require about 8 gallons per fish. There are 7.5 gallons of water in a cubic foot. If you wish to have 12 common goldfish you would need a tank approximately 4 feet long, 2 feet deep, and 2 feet high. This would give you 16 cubic feet of water, or 120 gallons of water, the appropriate amount for 10 to 12 common goldfish.

Keep in mind you need to replace water in your goldfish tank on a regular basis. In our above example, you would want to be replacing about 25 percent of the water weekly. This means every week you would be vacuuming out 30 gallons of water from the bottom of the tank, and replacing it with fresh water. This is to ensure high-quality water and to keep your fish in their best possible health.

Another quick piece of advice. Do not buy your goldfish tank, filter, and chemicals on the same day you buy your goldfish. Buy your tank, the filter, accessories, and decorations and get it all set up and filled with water. Allow it to run at least one week in the tank with the filter running. You will then be ready to buy your goldfish and add them to the tank. The water will be fresh, free from chemicals, and fully oxygenated.

Keeping these few guidelines in mind when buying your goldfish tanks will help make sure you have healthy goldfish which will give you many years of pleasure. The proper size, filters, and accessories are what makes your tank a beautiful and entertaining decorative addition to your home.

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