Goldfish Mating – The Fascinating Games of Goldfish Breeding

Do you have goldfish in your aquarium and hope goldfish mating will occur? You would love to have some of those cute little goldfish fry swimming around in your tank. The fun begins by trying to determine which fish are the males, and which are the females.

Goldfish are very sneaky about revealing their sexuality. The signs are very subtle, and really only show up during the mating period. At this time you will notice the males have developed tiny white bumps on their gills and near their pectoral fins.

The females will begin to become plump in their belly, as they fill with eggs. You will notice on the females their anal area begin to protrude slightly, where the males remain slightly indented.

Perhaps the biggest distinguishing factor will be seen by their actions. The males will begin to chase and lightly bump the females. This playfulness can go on for days as they approach the time for laying eggs. While it may appear the males are being aggressive, it is just their normal mating dance, and nothing you need to worry about.

Finally, you will see the female expel her eggs. The eggs are sticky and will adhere to objects in the tank. Breeders use a breeding mop they suspend in the tank. It gives the female a safe place to lay her eggs, increases the odds of fertilization, and prepares the breeder for the next critical step.

Goldfish are notorious for eating their own fertilized eggs and the goldfish fry. If you want to increase the odds of your fry growing and maturing you may wish to move them to their own tank. This allows you to protect them, and to feed them according to their needs. This is greatly simplified by using the mop technique.

As a goldfish owner, one thing you need to take special concern with if you want your goldfish to mate is water quality. Goldfish often will not mate, or successfully fertilize eggs if the water is not kept at a very high quality. Make sure you keep the tank cleaned, and replace approximately one-fourth of the water weekly.

Water quality will be very critical to any fry which is born during goldfish mating season, too. The fry is more vulnerable to problems with water. It would be very sad to have a group of new fry born, only to be cleaning up their dead bodies within a couple days.

While it may sound like goldfish mating is going to cause you extra work, it really is very little. The primary concern will be with the water quality, as it should always be. You can choose whether you wish to separate the fry or not. It is mainly a matter of increasing their survival rate.

Goldfish mating is a fun, frolicking adventure in your aquarium. You will enjoy watching as the male goldfish chase the females in a very playful game of tag. With a little luck, you will soon see the tiny goldfish fry swimming in your tank, and watch as they mature.

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