Goldfish Ick – Quickly Put Your Goldfish On The Road to Recovery

Goldfish ick is one of the very common goldfish ailments. If you are going to have goldfish for a very long time, it is one illness you are almost sure to experience with your fish. Luckily it is one your can treat easily, and you have great control in reducing the occurrence.

Detecting goldfish ick is very easy. You will see white spots dotting the scales of your goldfish, almost like they have a case of dandruff. Your goldfish will be letting you know about their problem, too. Ick makes your goldfish irritated, they will be seen rubbing up against the sides of objects trying to scratch an itch. In advanced cases you may start seeing faster breathing, avoiding food, their fins could start getting ragged edges, and their eyes begin to get a cloudy haze to them.

Treatment of goldfish ick is highly successful, usually using aquarium salts to treat the fish. Other treatments can include heat, or medicated fish foods. You can find the medicated fish foods, water additives, and the salt all in your local pet supply centers, and through most online pet supply sites.

Your goldfish’s battle with ick can most likely be traced back to water quality. Water quality plays a critical role in your fish maintaining a healthy immune system. Once their defenses are weakened ick can attack very quickly. Make sure to maintain clean water in your ponds or aquariums to prevent illness, and as part of the treatment to help them recover from any illness. Check the water’s PH level on a regular basis.

At your first notice of any symptoms of goldfish ick you need to take immediate action. Waiting to start treatment allows the condition to worsen, making the chance of recovery decrease rapidly. Left untreated ick will be fatal to your goldfish. As you may already know, having one diseased fish often leads to additional fish becoming ill. Make sure you do everything possible to get things under control rapidly.

The most common treatment recommended for goldfish ick is malachite green. There are a few things you must do in preparation to use this treatment. The first is to make sure any plants which are sensitive to malachite green are removed. Second, make sure to remove all snails from the tank. Third, you will need to remove your carbon filtration system. The activated carbon is used to remove unwanted chemicals from the water, and will just as successfully remove the malachite green.

The treatment for goldfish can take anywhere from approximately 1 week to as long as 6 weeks. This is highly dependent on water temperature. At 80 degrees the ick will go through their life cycle in approximately 8 days, and the treatment will kill them. At lower temperatures it can take much longer. You need to make sure to use a little caution with raising the temperature to accelerate treatment. If the treatment fails, the infestation will become worse, and potentially spread.

The best news about goldfish ick is the ease of detection and treatment. It is one affliction you can battle successfully most times. Just do not delay.

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