Goldfish Dropsy – Protect Your Goldfish From Dropsy

Goldfish dropsy is a disease you must hope to never see occur in your fish. Once a fish develops the full-blown symptoms of dropsy, it is unlikely they will recover. If you notice any symptoms you must take immediate action, or your fish is likely to perish.

How to prevent goldfish dropsy

Before anything else, let us discuss how to prevent goldfish dropsy and almost every other form of diseases for your aquarium fish. Water quality is the number one cause of infections, disease, and death among goldfish and other aquarium fish. You must clean the tank, and take care of water quality consistently.

Remember to replace the water

Replacing approximately 25 percent of the water every week is one step in maintaining water quality. You should be testing the water for spikes in ammonia and making sure to address any issues rapidly. Check the PH balance of the water regularly, and use the proper chemicals to adjust the PH level of the water. You can do this by purchasing an Aquarium PH testing kit.

When replacing the water, always use a hose, or aquarium vacuum, to pull the water from the bottom of the tank to help remove fish feces and other debris. Keeping the tank clean is critical in both battling the onset of dropsy, and giving your goldfish a chance at recovery.


Common symptoms of dropsy

If you are not familiar with the symptoms of dropsy, it will begin to show up with a bloating, or enlarging, of the stomach area. This can easily be seen from the top of the fish. As it progresses, you will notice the eyes bulging, the scales starting to open away from the body, and often a discoloration of the scales. If you catch dropsy at the earliest stages, you have a chance of your fish recovering. In the advanced stages, the odds are very slim.

As with almost any condition with fish in your aquarium, proper maintenance is crucial to keeping your fish alive. Always make sure you do not put off cleaning just because it is a hassle to do. Your fish are the ones which will suffer, often costing them their lives.



Take care of your goldfish’s aquarium

The simple care of changing water, keeping the filters cleaned, cleaning the tank, and watching for the proper chemical balances allows you to maintain healthy living conditions for your fish. You will be rewarded with livelier fish who have a long healthy life. In the long run, you save money, since you are not constantly replacing your fish.

How to treat goldfish dropsy

If you are already seeing symptoms of goldfish dropsy you will want to start treatment using aquarium salt. Make sure to closely follow the instructions on the package for the best results. This salt is helpful in killing many bacteria and parasites which could have caused the onset of dropsy.

Treatment with medicated fish food

One other note on goldfish dropsy. There are a few varieties of medicated fish food which may help. They are normally no more effective than aquarium salt, but when you are desperately trying to save your fish, you should give them a try. They can be found at many pet stores, and online.

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