Geckos – Not the Car Insurance, The Great Reptilian Pet

Geico car insurance may have done a great favor to the Gecko family. They took them from obscurity as a pet to one everyone is familiar with. Geckos are one of the best reptiles for a new owner.

Panther Geckos, one of the most attractive Geckos, do have one feature which may lead many owners away from them. They are nocturnal creatures. During the daylight hours, while we are busy, alert, and awake, they are busy resting and sleeping. At night when we close our eyes, their large over-sized eyes are alert and ready for action.

If you want a Gecko which is lively during the daytime hours you may want to check out the Crocodile Gecko. They are not as pleasing to the eye, looking much more intimidating and serious. What they lack in beauty they make up for in speed. They are very quick. One problem with owning a Crocodile Gecko is you must have a gentle touch. Their skin is easy to damage, and their tail is quite fragile.

One of the best Geckos to display in your home is the Malaysian Gold Gecko. They have beautiful coloration, are fast movers, and love climbing in the branches of trees and vegetation in your terrarium. They are easy to care for since they eat a mixture of insects and fruits. They are even very happy eating baby food fruit. The Malaysian still has very sensitive skin and should be handled with care. Children normally must be supervised for both their safety and the safety of the lizard.

One of the more easily handled Geckos is the Leopard Gecko. It is normally considered to be the second best choice of lizards for new owners only passed up by the Bearded Dragons. The Leopard Gecko is another nocturnal lizard so do not expect to see large amounts of activity during the day. They are insectivore eating crickets, mealworms, and waxworms. You must supplement their diet with a good calcium additive to keep them healthy.

One fact about all of these varieties of Geckos is their strong desire to be alone. They are solitary lizards and do not share a habitat well with other Geckos. Give them their own living quarters and they will be happy.

As you can see Geckos are a diverse family of lizards with a great mix of nocturnal and diurnal species. You can choose a form of Gecko which is beautiful like the Malaysian Gold or the Panther, or go with the intimidating appearance of a Crocodile Gecko. The one thing you can be confident of is the Gecko will be relatively easy to care for.

Geckos make great pets even though most varieties are not great to handle. If you want to hold and handle your reptiles on a regular basis consider the Jumbo Leopard Gecko or go with a Bearded Dragon instead. The real beauty of the Gecko is in watching them grow, hunt, and learning their interesting traits.

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