French Bull Dogs – A Remarkable Companion Dog

French bulldogs make great companions. Their temperament and size make the ideal dogs for living indoors and work great for people in apartments and smaller living spaces.

One interesting fact about French bulldogs is their reluctance, and sometimes inability to swim. Due to their body size, length of legs, and density they are very poor swimmers. This is especially interesting since one of their nicknames is frog dog.

French bulldogs are very small in stature. A full grown dog will normally stand at only 12 inches high. With their small height, their weight can be a bit surprising. The dogs average around 25 pounds. When you look at their short powerful legs, and wide strong body, you suddenly understand why their weight appears high compared to their small height.

The Frenchie has beautiful stand-up bat ears. They always appear to be at attention ready to catch any sound or noise. Those ears can serve a very useful purpose in your home. They are great for catching the sounds of little mice scampering in your home. If you have a French bulldog there is no reason to worry about having cats. They are deceptively good at hunting down mice.

The dog has a very squared head, with the forehead rounding back to the ears. You will find these diminutive dogs with two styles of tails, a straight tail, or on some a corkscrew tail.

The coloration of this bulldog varies greatly. You can have dogs who are completely white, solid black, or a decorative mix of both.

One activity your French bulldog will love is going for walks. What makes this dog really special is their desire to be led. While many dogs attempt to drag you along, pulling wildly at the leash, most Frenchies are happy to let you be the leader. This can make for a much more enjoyable walking experience, especially for older dog owners.

There is one trait of many bulldogs which carries onto this variety. They drool and slobber. While this trait is not a big issue to most people, you must be aware of it before buying a dog. They do not make a mess, but after drinking water you may discover a little extra cleanup is necessary compared to many other breeds.

Who are the perfect owners for a French bulldog? Anyone who loves a playful, friendly dog. They love attention from their owners. One thing your Frenchie will expect is for you to take charge. Do not play around letting the dog be the boss. He wants his owner to be in charge. Be firm and decisive when correcting their behavior and you will have their respect, attention, and love.

No matter whether you live in a large house, or a studio apartment, the French bulldog will be happy. They do not require large spaces to enjoy life. Just plan on daily walks and they will be your joyful companion.

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