Fish Keeping – The Art of Maintaining A Great Aquarium

Fish keeping is one of the largest hobbies in the world. Some estimates put it as the second most popular hobby in the world only surpassed by photography. This makes perfect sense when you consider the beauty, elegance, and ease of care in keeping tropical fish.

One reason fish keeping has become so widely popular is due to many apartments and rental homes allowing their renters to have aquariums even when all other kinds of pets are not allowed. Fish are clean, do not damage property, and unless the tank breaks cause no problem.

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As a budding hobbyist, your first venture into fish keeping should be limited to varieties which are easy to care for, inexpensive, and fun. A few of the best families are guppies, tetras, and mollies. All of these fish are great freshwater tropical fish which stay small in size making tank maintenance very easy.

If you tell most new fish keepers they should start with guppies they will wrinkle their nose and think you have lost your mind. Why would anyone want those little gray fish which seem to be only good for producing more guppies? What they are overlooking is how vast the guppy family is. You will find a variety of colors, fin styles, and attitudes within the guppy family. They do remain very small at around 1.5 to 2 inches in mature length. They are easy to feed being very happy eating tropical flake food.

Tetras are often thought of as a step up from the guppies. They have just as much variety, grow a little bit larger, and are just as easy to care for. They love flake food just like guppies making them great for your first efforts at fish keeping.

Mollies can round out the group of fish great for new fish keepers. The variety is still vast, with a little more variety in body style. Mollies happily eat flakes, too.

The great thing about this threesome of beginning fish families is the ability to intermix them in the same tank. You can set up your tank and have a good mix of guppies, tetra, and mollies to add interest and excitement to your tank. Since they share the same types of foods, water requirements, and are similar in size they get along great. You will find fish of their own species tend to congregate together.

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Your fish keeping efforts are greatly simplified when you take on a mix of fish with similar traits. No worries about mixing different foods, worrying about attacks from aggressive fish, or hitting a perfect water temperature. The biggest concern will be when the fry and eggs show up from these small fish. Then you may see their carnivorous attitude as they busily consume the young, even their own.

Fish keeping is one of the greatest hobbies to undertake. Watching fish gently swim through the water can give you feelings of tranquility. Your annoying troubles from the day may wash away with the bubbling water in the tank.

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